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兽医们早上9点到达,准备接受检查 & walk-ins
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If your dog has suffered a sudden trauma or is experiencing any life threatening symptoms, 请立即致电:(909)453-4213


There are times when you are certain that your dog has an emergency (eg: hit by a car) and there are times when you are very concerned but not convinced that it is an emergency requiring immediate care. 如果有疑问,就来菠菜台子医院. If possible, call on your way to let us know the type of emergency and if you will need assistance getting into the building and your E.T.A.

Do your best to remain calm and have a driver and a passenger hold the dog while you drive. We are staffed and equipped to handle all types of emergencies. Emergencies are very stressful and it is important that you do your best to remain calm. Your dog will be soothed by your ability to remain calm and speak and a calming tone while driving it to the hospital.

有些情况可能与你有关, but may not have you convinced your dog needs immediate care. In these cases, it is still best to err on the side of caution. 请打电话或直接进来 veterinary hospital. If you decide to call, our staff will do our best to help you decide the best course. Unfortunately, dogs will quite often mask symptoms and it may be difficult to determine the seriousness of the illness. We are here for you and will take care of your dog in the best way possible.

Dog Emergencies That Require Immediate Veterinary Attention

We have compiled the following list of emergency situations in order to help you decide whether or not your dog requires emergency care:

  • Difficulty Breathing: This is may be the most serious of all non-trauma-induced injuries, because hypoxia (low oxygen levels) and the events that follow can lead to respiratory arrest and possibly death if not treated quickly. In addition, when this is occurring, your dog is suffering and panicked. 呼吸困难是紧急情况. 它可能缓慢或剧烈地出现. 不管怎样,当你发现这些症状时,你的 狗有麻烦了,需要兽医照顾. Symptoms include labored breathing (this can be subtle but it looks like your dog chest is moving faster and more pronounced while breathing), making alarming noises, or puffing of the lips. If you see or suspect these symptoms, seek immediate emergency dog care
  • Restlessness: Simply put, restlessness is when your dog simply cannot get comfortable. Restlessness can be a sign of many urgent or emergency situations. 它可能包括过度喘息, 不能舒服地躺下, abdominal distension, 或者呕吐未遂. 坐立不安也可能是GVD(肿胀)的主要症状。
  • GVD and bloat are two of the most urgently life-threatening situations a dog can face. It is generally seen in deep chested large breed dogs such as German Shepherds, 大丹犬和标准贵宾犬. Some dogs will exhibit all of these symptoms, but others may only pant and act restless. It is essential for your dog to receive emergency care if you witness any of these symptoms
  • Seizures: 尽管单独发作可能不会危及生命, 癫痫发作常常成群发作,并可发展为进行性发作. Seizures have many causes including ingestion of a toxic substance or medication. If your dog has never had a seizure and is not currently under the care of a veterinarian for a seizure disorder, 菠菜台子建议立即就医
  • 崩溃或严重的弱点: These can be symptoms of a major illness like internal bleeding, anaphylactic shock, certain poisons, an endocrine condition, 还有一些类型或器官衰竭. No matter the cause, seek emergency dog clinic care immediately if your dog collapses or seems to be uncharacteristically weak
  • Major Trauma: It is essential to 立即就医 if you have reason to suspect hemorrhaging, or if your dog has fallen, been struck by a car, or gets into an dogfight. Remember, some dogs hide their injuries as an instinctual defense mechanism, so if something has happened that would cause you to suspect major trauma, 立即就医
  • Dog Fight: 所有的狗狗在斗狗后都应该去看兽医. The bite wounds or puncture wounds on the outside of a dog are usually just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the amount of damage the dog may have sustained during the fight. This is especially important when a small dog has been attacked by a larger dog. A puncture wound on the skin may involve severe damage on the inside of the dog's abdomen or lungs which include a lacerated liver or spleen which will cause internal bleeding or a punctured lung which will cause hypoxia and death if not treated
  • 长期呕吐或腹泻: If your dog vomits once or has a single loose bowel movement, he or she may not require any treatment other than a few hours of resting the stomach and a day or two of bland food. However, 反复呕吐腹泻, 尤其是有血迹的时候, 能否迅速导致危及生命的脱水. This can also be a symptom of major problems such as gastrointestinal obstruction.  If your dog vomits three times or more an hour or 5 times or more in a day, pleas bring your pet to our veterinary hospital immediately.
  • Struggling to Urinate: This could signify a bladder infection, which is painful but not life threatening. However, this could also represent obstruction of the urinary tract by bladder stones, 哪个是非常紧急的情况. Because of this, 如果你注意到你的狗正在努力排尿, 寻求紧急兽医护理
  • Not Eating or Drinking: 这是你的主观判断. Your dog will not finish every bit of kibble in his or her bowl every time. However, 如果他或她去了很长一段时间, 24小时或更长时间不吃不喝, 然后去看医生
  • Coughing: Excessive and repeated coughing could be a symptom of kennel cough or eating bug bait. When in doubt, the safest course of action is a veterinary visit
  • Loss of Use of Rear Legs: This is especially common in Dachshunds, Corgis and other breeds with short legs and long backs. 这可能是脊髓损伤的迹象. 这种麻痹或部分麻痹通常很痛, 而快速治疗会对结果产生很大的影响. This is an emergency situation and you should seek immediate care for it
  • Severe Pain: 这总是紧急情况. If your dog is restless, hiding, vocalizing, panting, profoundly limping, 或者表现出其他痛苦的症状, 不要让他或她受苦, 并立即寻求狗的紧急护理
  • Known Exposure to Toxins: We discuss this more in depth in its own section on this page, but if you know or suspect your dog has ingested toxins or medications, 联络防止虐待动物协会中毒控制热线, 或者马上送去狗狗急诊诊所

The above list is not exhaustive and there are many more situations that may necessitate emergency care for dogs. 如果情况立即危及生命, please call us immediately or simply bring your dog to our veterinary clinic located at:


(909) 453-4213

Our staff will do everything possible to save the life of your canine friend and restore it to full health.

Emergency Dog Hospitals

We will always accept emergencies at Prestige Animal Hospital and are fully equipped to handle all types of emergencies. 因为紧急情况随时都可能发生, it is extremely important to find an overnight emergency dog hospital in your area before you need one at a moment's notice in case our facility is closed or outside normal business hours. For our patients, as well as any canine requiring emergency dog care in the Fontana area, 菠菜台子推荐:

1) Redlands宠物急救医院(909)793-5999.

2)California Veterinary Specialists in Ontario (909)947-3600.

如果你不住在丰塔纳, then we urge you to seek out and familiarize yourself with the 24 hour/emergency dog hospital in your area. This way, 你的爱犬伴侣是否出现紧急情况, you will be prepared to get him or her to an emergency dog clinic immediately instead of wasting valuable time that could result in the worsening of an already tragic situation.


虽然你的狗可能很乖很训练有素, 请记住在紧急情况下, their instinct, 还有痛苦和恐惧的感觉, 如果你试图保护它们,它们会咬你吗. If your dog needs to be transported to an dog emergency room, you have a responsibility to ensure no subsequent injuries occur to any party. Follow these tips for safely transporting your canine companion to an emergency dog clinic:

  • 慢慢地、平静地接近你的狗
  • 跪下,说出他或她的名字
  • If your dog shows aggression, you may need someone to aid you in securing and transporting your dog. Towels may be used around the head or neck to attempt to keep the dog from biting while you move it
  • If he or she is passive, fashion a makeshift stretcher and gently lift him or her onto it
  • Take care to support the neck and back in case they have suffered any spinal injuries

Once secured, immediately transport him or her to an emergency dog clinic. If possible, call ahead to alert the staff to your pending arrival so they can adequately prepare while you are en route.

First Aid For Dogs

Sometimes, it is necessary to perform first aid in order to stabilize your dog before transporting it to an emergency clinic. Other times, first aid for dogs can be performed at home in order to save their life and buy you enough time to make the trip to a 24 hour/emergency dog hospital. 你可以用在狗身上的一些急救技巧包括:

  • 治疗外伤引起的外部出血, 试着抬高受影响的部位, 直接按压伤口. This could include constructing a makeshift tourniquet to isolate an affected limb. Most importantly apply firm pressure with towels and keep pressure applied until you arrive at an emergency hospital. Placing pressure over a wound will help to stop the loss of blood.
  • For choking emergencies, place your fingers in your dog's mouth to see if you can remove the blockage. Be careful to not push the blockage farther back into the throat, and mind your fingers to ensure they're not bitten due to fear on the part of your dog.
  • 如果不能移除对象, perform a modified Heimlich maneuver by giving a sharp rap to your dog's chest. 这应该有助于移开物体. We recommend learning how to perform this maneuver beforehand in order to minimize the risk of injury in the case of an actual dog emergency.

We recommend learning various ways to perform first aid for dogs. The only way to be prepared in an emergency situation is to educate yourself before any emergency occurs.


It is a very good idea to know how to perform CPR on both humans and animals, because you never know when you might need to use it to save a life. Performing CPR on your dog may be necessary if he or she remains unconscious after you have removed an obstruction. 如果狗发生这种紧急情况, take the following steps to perform CPR on your beloved canine companion:

  • 首先检查他或她是否有呼吸
  • If not, place him or her on their side and perform artificial respiration by extending the head and neck, holding the jaws closed and blowing into the nostrils once every three seconds
  • 确保你的嘴和他们的鼻子之间没有空气逸出
  • 如果你感觉不到心跳, incorporate cardiac massage while administering artificial respiration. This includes three quick, 每次呼吸时用力按压胸部, 直到你的狗恢复自己的呼吸


如果你看到你的狗摄入了有毒物质, 或者即使你怀疑他或她有, 重要的是要立即寻求紧急狗护理.

直接去看兽医. Bring the bottle or know the type of medication or poison ingested. Call on your way in and tell them what the dog ingested and how long ago it was ingested and the amount.


自2012年以来,自豪地为丰塔纳大都会区菠菜台子, Prestige Animal Hospital is open to serve our clients best and we always accept emergencies.  有时菠菜台子可能会关门, or cannot see an emergency, but will still guide you to the right facility for emergency care for your dog in these situations. 打菠菜台子医院的电话(909)453-4213..

或者如果你没有多余的时间, please bring your beloved canine companion directly to us anytime during open hours, 包括周末和假期. If you can, please call ahead so we can prepare for your arrival. 在紧急情况下,每一秒都很重要, the most important thing is to just get him or her to us as soon as possible, and we'll handle the rest.

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