April 13, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

Duck Commander 500 – Another Fun Weekend

For the past five years I have attended the April and Fall races at Texas Motor Speedway and have made some great friends in the process. My wife attended the Duck Commander 500 with me again this year along with our good friends Mike and Shelly. We had a great time as always and Amy, […]

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Caution Clock? We Don’t Need No Stinking Caution Clock!

So we’re two races into the 2016 season and no one has really convinced me of the need for the new caution clock in the NASCAR CampingWorld Truck Series. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about then you need to get back to Pintrest or watching those cat videos you are probably making in […]

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Extended Hiatus – but I’m Back!

You know how it goes. You intend to do certain things and think you’ll get to it in a few days or weeks but then life happens and you forget those certain things until someone smacks you upside the head. I fully intended to update my blog right after I returned from Texas Motor Speedway, […]

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Tweet This

About 15 minutes ago or so I sent out the following tweet: After sending out what felt like a few thousand tweets in a matter of moments, imagine my surprise when the actual total was nine. Not nine thousand or nine hundred. Just nine. Such a lonely number with no friend to make it a […]

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My Favorite Drivers

I actually caught up on some work today (major surprise) so instead of falling asleep on my office couch and pissing off all of my employees, I figure I can take a few moments to hammer out some educated musings of some favorite items. OK, educated musings may be a bit of a stretch. It’s […]

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Tony Stewart’s “Retirement”

NASCAR.com is reporting that Tony Stewart will “step away” from full time Sprint Cup racing after the 2016 season. While this really comes as no surprise to hardly anyone who follows NASCAR, it will be sad to see long time regulars like Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart no longer behind the wheel. It makes me […]

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Racing Fanatic

I grew up on racing. Specifically NASCAR racing, yet I am a fan of motor racing in general. If there’s a motor, four wheels and high speeds, I’ll be cheering it on while wishing I was the one behind the wheel. I grew up in Ohio, where local tracks seemed to be everywhere and guys […]

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