December 2, 2020

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

[MUSIC PLAYING] BUBBA WALLACE: I guess now I’ve become a boater. I’ve had a boat for months and some change now. Usually it was trying to figure out what we’re going to do, if we wanted to go somewhere, if we wanted to hang out with family. Now it’s like, I know where we’re going, family can come if they want to. We’re going to the lake to get on the boat. We get a lot of people out here, a lot of friends and family out here and have great time.

The first experience I had with Blaney where it all kind of clicked, we were similar in age and we were hanging out. And I said some funny, he laughed. He said something funny, I laughed. It was like, hey man, what’s up? Want to go hang out next week? So then it kind of snowballed in to, I guess, the bromance whatever you all want to call it.

He’s definitely like a brother to me. You know the brother I never had. I’ve wrecked him. I wrecked him at Michigan.

– I actually own one from like a few years ago.

ANNOUNCER 1: Watch Bubba make a move to the bottom. Blaney’s over there. They make contact.

ANNOUNCER 2: Tough, tough break for Blaney.

– Michigan, yeah. Lost me the championship.

ANNOUNCER 2: Good friends with Bubba Wallace.

– Yeah, so I would drink with Darrell all day.

– I’m still waiting for that day to where I just get KO’d by him. And we can be even. When you get to the cup level it’s super, you know, competitive. The pressure level is there. People that are out there saying, you know, these guys aren’t showing anything. And I’m like you’re right you know we haven’t. We’ve kind of struggled a little bit but it’s not for lack of trying.

ANNOUNCER 3: It’s not leaking any fluid but they’ve lost the engine in the 43.

ANNOUNCER 4: Bubba Wallace has an issue.

– The biggest thing is when you’re at this level, you know, you get talked about a lot more.

ANNOUNCER 5: Bubba had his hands full coming off turn 4.

BUBBA WALLACE: That’s the power of social media and whatnot. Your moves on the racetrack are magnified. If you slip up and do something wrong then it’s put out there.

ANNOUNCER 6: I think Bubba’s car just go bashed.

BUBBA WALLACE: So it definitely is a lot harder. You definitely have to prove yourself on and off the race track a lot more. You know the pressure has always been there for me to prove myself and whatnot. And I feel like I have at times. But you know I’m super competitive and you know I want to win every race I enter.

For me it’s just being able to slow everything down, be able to forget about, you know, whatever we had happened on the track and focus on the boat. Make sure everybody is having a good time. I’ve been on the lake probably three or four times the last five years. And I think I’ve been on the lake four times the last month.

But I’ve always loved the water. I remember coming out as a little kid and you know going tubing all the time and just hanging out and just stay going on the sandbar or whatnot. So for me it’s listening to music, let it all go away and focus on the next task.