June 24, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

VINCE WELCH: The restart is underway. Green waving at Eldora, and here comes Briscoe on the bottom. Enfinger is there. Four wide at Eldora.

MICHAEL WALTRIP: That was beautiful. Look at Briscoe. He’s committed to the very bottom, drives deep into the corner.

VINCE WELCH: Seavey hanging on to the lead and there’s a spinner. And it’s the four of Gilliland.

Snider involved in the accident as well. And that’s a shame for both of those drivers, because Gilliland and Snider have both had good runs going tonight.

KYLE LARSON: Man, that caution saves Logan a little bit. I know he got clear lead, but Enfinger looked like he was much stronger than him the one clean corner they got to run through three and four. A lot of these people up front going for their first win. Man, four wide there on that restart, no contact. That was some great, great driving by everybody.

MICHAEL WALTRIP: And wouldn’t you want to give it up for Seavey on that start? He got rolling well. He was able to come with a lot of power off the second turn and grab the lead. Did a nice job there.

KYLE LARSON: Yeah, his background, he’s never done any shifting, going through gears. He’s a young guy. Every street car he’s probably rode in has been automatic.