June 24, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

– We’ve talked all about the X’s and O’s of this past weekend’s race, but we haven’t talked about something that happened off the track– a little drama. We’re going to hand it over to Daryl Motte, with “Motte’s Minute,” to cover it all for ya.

– Thanks, Shannon. All right, guys. Let’s get right into it. This past weekend in Kentucky, you saw Martin Truex Jr. win the race, do an awesome burnout, and go to Victory Lane, eventually. Besides Treux’s win, we had some good old fashioned trash talking. Still fired up from the Daytona Stenhouse Demolition Derby, Kyle Busch shared his thoughts with the media.

– He did not reach out. I am disappointed that he did not. He wiped out half the field, and pretty sure there would be a pretty busy Monday for him. But there wasn’t.

– Is it just me? That seems a little tame for Kyle Busch. Tell us how you really feel. Damn, Kyle. No wonder Ricky came to find you. What I wouldn’t give to be able to hear this whole conversation. Here’s what Ricky had to say after. Ricky, if you want to come off as a tough guy, maybe wait until he’s not strapped into his race car before you go to yell at him. Just a thought. Listen, my minute’s up. Back to you.

– Daryl Motte, he doesn’t shy away telling it like it is, huh?

– That’s his job. Daryl Motte’s minute.

– That’s right. OK. So what do you guys make of this whole little feud here between Kevin– or between Kyle and Ricky?

– Well, you know, I think you look at it as part of what we do. And there’s going to be things happen on the racetrack. And then you have to choose how to handle it. And I think, a lot of times, you choose to handle things based upon the situation, and who you’re dealing with is also a choice. So there’s a lot of different choices that go along with how you handle a certain situation with a different driver.

– Yeah, I kind of chuckle when I look at this war of words. Because this would not be like Kevin and Kyle right now, or Kyle and Brad Keselowski. You’re talking about a driver that has five wins, probably going to be a championship contender, and a driver that has two top fives and three top tens all season long, just struggling to make the playoffs. You need let it go and get focused on that 17 car, and try to help the performance, not get focused on Kyle Busch.

– Well, here’s the biggest problem. The biggest problem is when your crew chiefs have to start answering questions about it, when your team has to start reading it on Twitter and Instagram, and all the things that come with social media. So you want to keep your team as focused on what they’re doing. So the least amount of problems that you can have, the better off you are.

– And some people have said NASCAR should step in and try to calm this down, but we’ll see if it happens.