April 13, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

ANNOUNCER 1: Wonder what Kyle’s going to do. And what lines he’s going to run. He’s running behind these guys.

ANNOUNCER 2: He’s stuck behind them.

ANNOUNCER 1: Oh yeah. This could cost him a ton. Oh, look out.

ANNOUNCER 2: A little contact there.

ANNOUNCER 1: This could cost him a ton of time.

ANNOUNCER 2: The 18 to the inside.

ANNOUNCER 1: Here comes Newman again.

ANNOUNCER 2: Here comes Larson.

ANNOUNCER 1: Will this outer lane stay clear?

ANNOUNCER 2: Little contact there again. The 18 slides up the racetrack. The 17 right in front of the 42. Now the 17 hindering the 42’s progress. Three laps to go. Now down to two.

ANNOUNCER 1: This is crazy.

ANNOUNCER 2: Larson again trying to get up to the wall.

ANNOUNCER 1: Kyle Busch to the bottom here. What kind of run does Kyle Larson get off of this corner?

ANNOUNCER 2: Kurt Busch right up in front of the 42. Now he moves out of the way. Nobody in between the 18 and 42.

ANNOUNCER 1: Kyle Busch again to the bottom. Another opportunity for Larson to get a huge run.

ANNOUNCER 2: Coming up on one lap to go, presented by Credit One Bank. And there’s the gap between one and two. Kyle Busch, and here comes Larson. Larson to the bottom of the track.

ANNOUNCER 1: Slide job.

ANNOUNCER 2: Trying to take the lead away.

ANNOUNCER 1: Sly dog. Almost.

ANNOUNCER 2: The momentum, the 18, they make contact. The 18 into the wall.

CREW CHIEF (ON RADIO): You’re in tight. Much tight. He’s on your side.

ANNOUNCER 2: They’re side by side again, going into three for the lead. Larson has the advantage. Here comes the 18. He puts the bumper to the back of him. The 18 into the wall. The 42 sideways.

CREW CHIEF (ON RADIO): Get around him. Get around him. He’s coming.

ANNOUNCER 1: There’s Harvick.

ANNOUNCER 2: Here comes the 18. Kyle Busch will win.




Oh my goodness. Oh, my. Man what a race. What a great race.

ANNOUNCER 2: That’s what it means to win in the Monster Energy Cup Series.

KYLE BUSCH (ON RADIO): That’s why you never give up, guys. Never give up.

Look at the

ANNOUNCER 1: Thumbs up, though. Look at the thumbs up.

ANNOUNCER 2: Respect.


ANNOUNCER 2: Look at– the right front tire is going to come off. The crowd went wild on the last lap.

ANNOUNCER 1: We went wild.


ANNOUNCER 2: Can he even do a burnout? The right front tire’s not even on the car.


He parks it right on the start-finish line. And Kyle Busch, what an incredible performance. This moment presented by Sunoco, fueling victories all season long.