April 11, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

ANNOUNCER 1: Kyle Larson coming up on one lap to go, presented by Credit One Bank. One more time around for Kyle Larson, the 25-year-old who 20 years ago– when he was five years– old sat down and did an interview and he told his mom and dad, he said, I like to start in the back. And they said, well, why? Why would you like to start in the back? He said, because I get to pass more people.

Well, that happened today for him because they had to change the right front tire. It had gone down after qualifying. He had to start in the back of the field. He went from the back to the front in dominating fashion. And Kyle Larson will come out and win at Chicagoland.

KYLE LARSON: Water and ice and a towel down here at the start/finish line when they interview. Cool. Really good job, guys. Thanks for making this thing better yesterday, or for today. Really good job.

ANNOUNCER 1: Don’t think Kyle Larson is too hot, too wore out. Drove all the way down to turn one to come back down the front straightaway with the window net down. He’s celebrating. He ain’t in no hurry to get out of that hot race car. He must be feeling pretty good right now. Wonder what these other guys are going to look like if they start to peel out or pour out.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah, they might be. He’s got his helmet off and out the window.