April 16, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

– When I look at the playoff picture, the only Chevy driver locked in is, in fact, Austin in the three car. But overall, five Chevy drivers now find themselves in playoff position. 10 races to go. What’s the overall outlook for the bow tie, Austin?

– To continue striding forward. You know, getting our cars more competitive each and every week to compete with the Fords and Toyotas. The Camaro has definitely been one of those challenges, but we have gotten it better.

And you’re seeing that. You’re seeing guys get polls like Kyle Larson this past weekend. Our cars are starting to qualify in the top 12 each and every week. And those are big strides that we need to take to have the speed toward the end for playoff time.

– Yeah, but when I look at the other four Chevrolet drivers that are in today with 10 races to go, to me, the only one that’s on points, that can breathe a little bit, is Kyle Larson. Because I look at those three Hendrick drivers, Johnson, Elliott, Alex Bowman– I mean, they’re just above the cutline. And remember, all of our numbers are based on no one below the cutline jumped up there and winning a race.

If that happens, it jumbles it all up. In fact, Austin, he’s the only Chevrolet driver to have any playoff points in the bank right now. The one that Kyle Larson got for winning a stage– NASCAR giveth and NASCAR taketh away. He’s the only Chevrolet driver with a playoff point so far this year.