October 26, 2020

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

– Last year’s 600 winner, Austin Dillon, fought the wall. Guess who won?



– Tire went down. And we’re under caution.

– For the first time today. Lap 37. Mike, a lot of damage to that right rear. And I did see one of those crush panels, which separates the tire and everything from the inside of the car. That thing comes flying out. Now he’s going to have a lot of fumes in that car when they get this fixed.

– Now he was running 16th. And you hear that tire flailing around.

– You could tell he knew something was going on– going wrong, right there. Great job to Austin Dillon, recognizing that tire was about to go down and slowing the car down. And being ready to turn back to the right as that car slid the back end to the wall.