June 24, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

– It’s electric at the All-Star event, right? And that electricity starts even before the drivers climb into their cars. Here’s Daryl Motte with Motte’s Minute, driver style, All-Star style.

– We’re going to get the scoop, the breaking news. These are our friends. Say hello to our friends. Say hi to the whole world.

– Hey, how’s it going, guys?

– Farm life, I’m loving it.

– Yeah, it’s been fun. I’m trying to make fun ideas and keep you guys entertained as much as I can. So Paul’s always entertaining. So check us out. Maybe we’ll win the All-Star race tonight, a million dollars.

– A million dollars. Austin Dillon, thanks, man. I saw “Avengers.” It ruined my weekend.

– I saw you posted something on Twitter, yeah. How was it?

DARYL MOTTE: I was crying, man.

– There was some sad parts in it, man.

– I sat with four dudes and we were all pretending we had stuff in our eyes.

– Yeah, yeah, well, you know that happens.

DARYL MOTTE: A million dollars.

– Just a million? That’s it?

DARYL MOTTE: We could buy a lot of Volkswagens with a million dollars.

– A lot, man. A lot. You’re going to run out. You’re going to run out of buying Budlight, so–

– Have fun.

– Thank you.

– If you win the million, can I have $100?

– I mean, sure. What the heck? That sounds like a great deal.

– Good luck to you, man, a million dollars.

– Thank you, man. I’ll cut you a share of it.

– Oh, Joey said he’d give me $100.

– $100?

– Yeah.

– $101 from here.

– Boom. We’re getting rich. We’re getting rich. All right, have a good race.


– So would they have paid off. Do you think Bubba or Joey would have given him the $100 or the $101 if they had won?

– Drivers are so tight, they squeak. No way.



– Them fightin’ words.

– Oh, boy.