May 15, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

– First off– big hit, William. Are you OK?

– Yeah, that one hurt really bad. But I’m fine.

I just– we took two tires there, and just didn’t have the– really, couldn’t get it turned on the bottom, and then got sucked around at the last minute. Just should have been lower than that. Just couldn’t rotate. Just couldn’t cut. So I think, overall, we were trying to, kind of, push some things there, and just didn’t work out. But, you know, going to wherever is next.

And that one– definitely hardest hit I’ve been in. But thankful to be walking. So that’s good.

– I know you guys tried two tires a few times. How did that make the handling change, compared to the four tires?

– Yeah, I just didn’t– wouldn’t turn on two tires. And we were kind of a sitting duck there with that strategy. And then, felt like after that we, kind of– you know, we were a pretty decent car before that. But a lot of guys were on different strategies. So I think the one car got hung up on the top, a couple of guys split the middle. And I think we were three or four wide, and it was hard to tell, or judge, really, how much room I had to my outside. So I just got sucked around there, I guess, and got loose, and hit the wall.

– Glad you’re OK.

– Thank you.