March 2, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

JAMIE LITTLE: And Ryan Blaney brought it back to the garage. And then he had to be checked and released. Led 53 laps tonight, had a solid car. But what happened between you and the 42?

– I don’t know. It’s just hard racing. I’m definitely to blame on that one, just trying to side draft hard. And your car’s kind of light down the front stretch there. And just hard racing at the end.

I got about spun out and went into it on the restart, getting sucked around, and were making some spots back up, and just trying to get back up front, and tried too hard.

So that stinks. We had a really fast race car. And I hate it for Rev. You know, two races they’ve been in our car this year and we’ve led a bunch of laps in both of them and ended up wrecked. So wish we can get over that hump, but I thought we made a good game tonight, in where our cars need to be. And hopefully we can carry that forward into the next couple weeks.

But definitely my fault. Just trying too hard, and made contact. And it cut my right front down. And hate I got the 42, but just hard racing.

JAMIE LITTLE: Thanks, Ryan.