November 30, 2020

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

[MUSIC PLAYING] CHRIS MYERS: And we welcome you to the first annual Fox NasDog Competition, coming to you from Texas Motor Speedway. The “Chase for the Pup” begins. We have our judge, Darrell Waltrip. I’m Chris Myers. Great to have our analyst inside expert, Jamie Little, is here with us.

– Yes, well so many drivers have dogs, love dogs like I do, and I just thought, let’s have a little dog show and have some fun with it.

– Let’s go over to Larry McGruff, he’s our Chew Chief and he’s standing by.

– And you know that I absolutely have a keen eye for things that are not right. And in pre-show inspection, I found this with Katie. This was not submitted for approval. So she will have to go to the rear of the field today. And now the biggest thing, we’re sending Katie over to the optical scan station. I do not think she will sit on command.

– All right, thank you very much, Larry. Let’s meet our first competitor and driver, Eric Jones.

JAMIE LITTLE: Oscar is a beautiful German shepherd. He travels to almost all the races with Eric. So he is his traveling companion.

– Good man, good man. I think any time you sit and shake, that’s pretty impressive.

– That’s a good dog. This is a French bulldog, Gucci. And Gucci is owning the place. Look at this get-up, such a boss. Do you see that little attitude? That little scarf?

CHRIS MYERS: Look at that. The look, the focus, the intensity.

JAMIE LITTLE: This is a pit bull. His name is Carter and he is walking Michael right now.

CHRIS MYERS: Boy, Carter is taking over.

JAMIE LITTLE: How about our handler? Look at this. The pose matches him.

CHRIS MYERS: Yes, we have Clint Bowyer and the question is, who barks more?


Oh, we can. We set you up for that.

– Are you kidding me?

– Let’s go. Oh, there you go.

– You need to see his trainer.

– That’s beautiful. Well it has been an exciting competition and the dogs have been very well behaved, Jamie.

JAMIE LITTLE: Lynn is here from Operation Kindness. They are the local charity here in Dallas. You guys do tremendous things. So Alex, I’m going to turn it over to you.

– Yeah, I have two checks here on behalf of Hendrick Motorsports, myself, and Nationwide both for $888.88. Can’t thank you guys enough for everything you do.

– How about a round of applause for all the dogs, the competitors, of the donation. Everybody loves a dog, everybody’s a winner here.