May 13, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

[MUSIC PLAYING] – We’re on the green at the DuPont Country Club. It is the 17th annual Drive for Autism Golf Tournament. This is what it’s all about, camaraderie on the greens, on the course. Wonderful event we’ve got here.

ALEXANDER: It’s an amazing event.

– I look forward to the Drive For Autism every year, it’s a special day. A lot of giving for some great causes.

– Fifth time doing this and just to raise money for all the great kids with autism that we get to interact with.

– Oh, so close.

– My golf game is absolutely embarrassing.

– This is my second time being here to be a part of it. And really just come out here and have a lot of fun. I’m actually playing pretty decent today.

– Autism Delaware does for the kids, and more importantly the adults, every kid that has autism turns into an adult that has autism.

– I’m Joey Principe and last year at the Drive For Autism I let you all know that I was just starting with power and I hope to tell you this year that I had a job. Well guess what? I got the job.


JOEY’S MOM: (ON PHONE) That’s so awesome, buddy.

– It happened!


– So rewarding to see the young adults that have graduated into the field of employment.

– The big news is that I moved into my own apartment last September and I couldn’t be happier.

– I remember my first job and the impact that it made on my life, the work ethic that it taught me.

– You see, Ethan is living really an independent, fulfilling life. And that’s something that I don’t think I could have imagined 15 years ago, that he would have his own apartment. So thank you all.

– I think Artie and everyone at Fox Sports has done such a great job of raising money and awareness, and we get to do it in a fun way out here having golf with a lot of our friends and competitors.

– What about a little side bet on a putt right here?

– And as we do that, I remind everyone we raised $500,000 this year. Let’s add to it. So whoever is closest loser owes another $100. What do you think? Are we supposed to be quiet?

– Is this putter regulation size?

– Well, maybe for you it is. I don’t know.

DILLON: First putt of the day.

ALEXANDER: And that’s a little long. It’s not going to be hard to get inside of that. Turns out the greens are playing quick today. A little right to left and that’s all she wrote.

– Oh, look at him go.

– We’ll see you next year, everybody.