June 23, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

– Clint is like taking a five gallon bucket of ping pong balls and going to the four story balcony, and just tipping them upside down, because that’s what he’s like. If you can get him– if you could get him to sit in this chair for five straight minutes, that is a monumental feat.

– Yeah.

– Because he just–you can’t keep his attention span that long.

– I was at a tiki bar with him once, and they were like, we got to get him. We got to go to the next thing. I said, you go get him. Like, he’s just on his own schedule.

– You have to basically put a dog shock collar on him to– to kind of contain, because there’s no leash long enough and, he’s out of control.

– Did you guys have fun getting to know each other? I mean, now you’ve known each other for how long? Almost– a long time now.

TONY STEWART: Well, we raced a while together before we actually got to know each other. Obviously he’s got dirt late model teams, and so dirt racing was the common bond, again, with him and I, and that’s kind of where we really hit it off. And he would talk to me about the sprint car stuff. I would talk to him about the late model side, and, you know, so we got to know each other a lot better from there.