April 13, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

RALPH SHEHEEN: Here come the revs. Here comes the gate drop. Who will be a champion today?


Blake Baggett grabs the hole shot on the KTM, Oh, Anderson is down in the first corner. And his title to be clenched here today might have gone right out the window, as he goes face down into the dirt in Utah.

JEFF EMIG: And second in points is Marvin Musquin. He’s second on the track.

RALPH SHEHEEN: Jeff, what happened to the 21?

JEFF EMIG: Well, he gets in there. And look he just get sandwiched. And he just– it’s so slippery and rocky. And he gets in there. He’s trying to play it safe and just, the elbows are flying, and he got bumped and he went down.

RALPH SHEHEEN: Oh, and Anderson’s in the pits. This is going to make it even worse. That’s Chris Laredo with the goggles on. And they’re going to change a rear tire. Jeff, he must have had a flat.

JEFF EMIG: Spokes are out of the front wheel

RALPH SHEHEEN: On the front tire.

JEFF EMIG: So that’s what happened in the first turn. He probably got his front wheel on the spokes into, I believe it was Tomac or Barcia’s foot peg.


JEFF EMIG: This is devastating, this is unreal that Anderson has had such a huge points sleep all season long. And now with two races to go, this happened.

RALPH SHEHEEN: He thought the biggest problem he was going to have here today was altitude sickness. And instead, it’s watching Marvin Musquin take the lead while he’s in the pits. This is devastating for Anderson. The points gap down to 10 as they race now. With just inside of 17 minutes and a lap to go.

JEFF EMIG: Tomac, he is riding like a man possessed right now. There it is, inside.

RALPH SHEHEEN: Oh no! He clipped the top block. And just like that he’s gonna lose a spot to Craig. I’m pretty sure Christian got by him, yes. So he’s back to fourth. Good for Marvin Musquin, as these two are 10 seconds behind him.

JEFF EMIG: There, he’s got him

RALPH SHEHEEN: Yes. All right. Not 10 seconds and a minute, and one lap. Can he do it?

JEFF EMIG: He has ridden a fantastic race. He has been focused. And really had a great strategy for this main event.

RALPH SHEHEEN: Anderson got Politelli. He’s moved up to 17th, picks up another point. Oh, it’s going to be a wild one in Vegas next week live on FS1. Here we go. Marvin Musquin has done it. He’s brought the championship all the way to Las Vegas with a stunning victory here in Salt Lake City. Eli Tomac battles his way to second.

And how about Jason Anderson? The rug literally pulled out from under him in the first corner. Falls to the ground face first into the dirt here in Salt Lake City. Dropped to 19th, has battled his way back to 17th. He’s trying to catch Josh Hill, who’s in 16th.

I don’t know if he’s going to catch him. Here he comes. He might get him. That’s Hill on the 751. Anderson just can’t get there. Oh, so frustrating, the day here in Utah for Jason Anderson.

JENNY TAFT: Fourth win for you so far this year. Marvin, how do you feel like that made a big statement in terms of your title hopes?

MARVIN MUSQUIN: Yeah, I mean Frankie just told me Jason Anderson got a flat tire or something. So, yeah, that’s racing, yeah. You know, I was definitely looking at Eli, because last year, he killed it here. Today, he killed it also. But sometimes, it’s not the fastest guy that win the race. You’ve got to be very consistent.

The whoops were really, really tough. You know, I was just trying to be safe, and got it done. You know, obviously, Eli went down. That’s racing. Yeah, I didn’t steal it, and yeah.

I was really happy to win here. It’s definitely not a track, you know, that suits me. It’s hard and slippery, but the bike was working good. So thanks to the team. Thanks to all my fans for today. That was a tough day for me, definitely. But that made me stronger, you know. So we’ll keep going, and thank you everybody.