June 24, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

NARRATOR: And nobody in that front half-dozen is hungrier for a win than Chase Elliott.

NARRATOR: And man, he’s in a good position on the inside right behind the leader here. Tell you, Kyle Busch better have some get go.

NARRATOR: Green white checker, green flag.

NARRATOR: Well you gotta watch Logano. Sometimes seen him get aggressive on these restarts, make it three-wide. Chase did a great job of blocking him.

NARRATOR: Jimmie Johnson takes it three-wide.

NARRATOR: Jimmie Johnson make it– I don’t know if that was three or four wide.


NARRATOR: Jimmie Johnson, I can’t even believe we’re talking about Jimmie. Hadn’t mentioned him all night long, and look at him go.

NARRATOR: Hamlin trying to make something happen here from third. White flag.

NARRATOR: Oh my gosh.

NARRATOR: Johnson moves down three-wide again. Back at sixth place. What a recovery for the 48 tonight.

NARRATOR: They’ll never make it off turn two. Nope, well–

NARRATOR: I can’t believe we’re gonna talk about Kyle Busch going for three in a row. I didn’t see this happening when this race started.

NARRATOR: They’ll never make it after–

NARRATOR: A three-peat from 32nd, Kyle Busch wins Richmond. Everybody makes it across the line.

NARRATOR: Great work, pit crew. You guys won this one.

NARRATOR: Joey Logano, fourth, Kevin Harvick at the top five.

Kyle Busch, taking home the checkered flag for the third week in a row, is today’s Sunoco Fueling Victory.

NARRATOR: There might be several guys that finish bad. Jimmy Johns got to leave here Hispanic. To sixth?

NARRATOR: What a comeback for Johnson to sixth. Yes.

NARRATOR: Yeah, great.

What was it we said about Kyle Busch not winning from worst than 30th?

NARRATOR: Changed that.

NARRATOR: Gotta be careful telling him this kind of stats.

NARRATOR: Yep. 32nd.

He captures the flag, and now for his signature bow.

NARRATOR: Thank you very much. I’m going to the house.

NARRATOR: And if you notice, the cheers are beginning to outnumber the boos when Kyle Busch scores a win.

NARRATOR: Look at that.

NARRATOR: He’s gonna go celebrate with the fans.

NARRATOR: He’s going into the crown.

NARRATOR: All right!

NARRATOR: Good man.

NARRATOR: I think there’s a lot of M&M fans out there, too.

NARRATOR: All the kids. Great gesture. Proud of you, buddy.

NARRATOR: But Kyle Busch, 32-years-old, in the 32nd spot starting. No driver has ever won this race from that far back, making history, and Vince is there for the celebration.

NARRATOR: Richmond is his playground. Five times in victory lane at this race track for Kyle Busch.

You came from 32nd to first to do it. How?

– You just gotta work, man. All these guys, everybody on this whole M&M’s Camry team, they do a great job for me. I can’t say enough about Adam Stephens and my guys. The pit crew tonight, they won this race horse. They got us off pit road first, those last two times that we came down for tires, and got us where we needed to be.

So in case anybody’s wondering why the car is so many different colors this week, it’s for the M&M’s flavor vote. So anybody can go and vote for their favorite flavor of M&M’s, whether it’s mint, espresso, or raspberry, and then those flavors will be in stores this summer. It’s a pretty cool deal that M&M’s does every year and gets new flavors out to the market.

But can’t say enough about this Toyota Camry. It was just awesome today, out front all day long.

And want to thank DVX sunglasses, ream, Interstate Battery, Cessna NOS Energy Drink, and all the fans, man. This is really cool. For as good as the crowd was tonight, really cool out here in Richmond. It was a little chilly, but otherwise it was a fantastic evening. So hopefully everybody enjoyed that one.

– Really cool that you’ve won three in a row, too. What’s that mean?

– It’s definitely cool we won three in a row. We did it a couple of years ago, and now we– I don’t know if you can shoot for four in a row. It’s hard to go to Talladega with that much of a winning streak and think that you can go to victory lane, but we’re going to go there anyway and give it a shot.