April 11, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

– He is painfully close. Go into three

– Hanging right around a half a second back is Noah Gregson. Went a little higher that time. Coming off of turn four the see the white flag. One lap to go. It’s sponsored by Credit One Bank.

– Good momentum off four, Adam.

– One last opportunity for Noah Gregson. Can he get there? Lap traffic ahead. Bell has managed it perfectly through three and four. He’s gonna see the checkered flag. Second career victory Christopher Bell hangs on at Richmond!

– Smoke him if you got em.

– The win locks him into the playoffs and it could be the first of many. And this win also means he’ll be Dash For Cash eligible when we go to Talladega Super Speedway next Saturday afternoon. So Elliott Sadler, Matt Tiff, and Austin Cindric— they all finished in the top five here tonight, but the checkers go to Christopher Bell.

– Victorious for the second time in his Xfinity Series career. Huge smiles all these guys. Gatorade bought everything flying everywhere. Christopher, you have been so close this year. We’ve watched it numerous times. You finally get your first win this season.

– That was very special there, buddy. I had a word for it. My teammate was really good and I knew throughout both practices that both of our cars were going to be really strong. Joe’s Racing has been producing really really fast Camry’s for the last couple of weeks and it’s really shown but man I’m just really thankful for all of our partners at Rheem/Ruud GameStop, Toyota, theory, everyone that was watching on the Xfinity X1 app. Xfinity for supporting the series and thank you to all the fans that came out.

– We got to hear an awesome exchange with you, your spotter, as well as your teammate behind you, Noah Gregson and his spotter. A great game of cat and mouse. How old where were you of where he was at at all times at the end of the race there?

– I– I don’t know. I was disappointed because my crew chief would tell me lap times, but every time he’d tell me lap times I was better than him, and then next thing you know Tony would key up and say 3 back. I’m like, well, how’s he making up if I’m going faster than him? So, there was a little bit of miscommunication there, but you know all in all it was enough to say in front of him at the end.

– Absolutely awesome battle between these guys.