June 23, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

INTERVIEWER: So much adversity for Ricky Stenhouse Jr. today– yesterday and today, but you guys still managed to bring it home fourth. I know it’s a little bit disappointing, because you guys had a rocket down the stretch. And then all of a sudden, it seemed like something changed after that last pit stop. What Happened

RICKY STENOUSE JR: Yeah, boys brought me a great Sunny D Ford all weekend long. We were really, really strong, and I felt confident coming into the race yesterday and today. But, like you said, we fought adversity. We lost track position multiple times, had to pass a lot of cars to get back to where we were. Brian made a great call coming down pit road, and taking tires before that long green flag run that we had. We got into second and I was hoping it would just go green to the end, knowing that we had better tires than the 42, who was the class of the field all day. And then we restarted there at the end. You know, Brian said he didn’t get to really check the stagger on these tires, maybe make an adjustment with it. We didn’t take fuel, that sometimes tightens you up a little bit. But all in all, a great weekend for us. Hopefully this will kind of get us going and kick start us into, you know, next week and the rest of the season.