April 17, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

– Hey. I’m Daryl Motte. It’s time again for Motte’s minute. Weather would end up postponing the race until today, but before it did, Brian Blaney was on a roll, leading 100 laps in Sunday’s portion, but then was collected up in this crash.


DARYL MOTTE: To make a tough day even worse, Blaney made the three hour trek back home and found this in his front yard.

BRIAN BLANEY: We got big trouble. No bueno, senor.

– [INAUDIBLE]. I’m yellin’ timber. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better. Right? It sure was for the kids in Bristol and Sullivan counties, as school was closed today for the race and the track announced free admission for students K through 12.

Speaking of kids, Samantha Busch found a creative way to keep Braxton occupied with an Easter egg hunt during the weather delay.

SAMANTHA BUSCH: You have 20 eggs to find. Can you find them?

– Braxton, there’s one on the couch. Turn around.


DARYL MOTTE: Oh, and Bubba won this game of hide and seek. Just kidding. He got locked on his bus and had to escape through the toilet.

– Darned old deadbolt.

DARYL MOTTE: Maybe it was lucky, after all, he ended up leading his first laps in the Cup Series today. Not bad, Bubba.

– Bubba, go baby go.

– That is impressive.

– All right, guys, my minute’s up, back to you.