May 13, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

ANNOUNCER 1: Let’s see who’s going to get the holeshot. It was key in the 250s.

Looks like Tomac from the inside, with Anderson right alongside of him. No [INAUDIBLE] to bar through that rhythm section.

And Barsha makes his return to this series on the number 51 Yamaha. And right now Bam Bam is third.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, no surprise why these two men have led the most laps in the Triple Crown with starts like this. Tomac is on fire. He will be tough for anyone to catch in this main event.

ANNOUNCER 3: If you check his Instagram.

ANNOUNCER 1: Yeah. Outside. Oh!

ANNOUNCER 3: Slides the– slides the bike down.

ANNOUNCER 1: Oh no. That’s Musquin– Musquin that went down.

Musquin’s really just had some issues here in this first race.

ANNOUNCER 3: Watch right here. He’s going to go a little bit wide, get hard on the throttle. And you see the burn, that sort of cushion right there. He was committed, trying to go around the outside of Baggett. But slides it down instead.

ANNOUNCER 1: White flag is out. One to go.

Tomac, right about three seconds over Anderson.

ANNOUNCER 3: Anderson hanging right in there. It’s pretty impressive rides for Tomac and Anderson.

ANNOUNCER 1: Well, Jeff, frustration I would think has to be with Anderson. He wanted to go heads up with him in good conditions. He got that. He’s going to get beat here by about three seconds.

ANNOUNCER 3: Look at those runs right there.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah, but it was just 2.9 when they crossed the finish line. And Anderson might have got a little bit of lap traffic. You see it’s 4.4 seconds.

ANNOUNCER 1: Here comes Eli. Checkered flag. He’ll win race one!

ANNOUNCER 3: [INAUDIBLE] with more consistence than [INAUDIBLE].

ANNOUNCER 2: He knows what he’s talking about.

ANNOUNCER 1: Aw. Tomac with a great start on the inside. Baggett was quick, went wide, but he’s going to get the hold.

Oh, no. It’s going to go to Lamay. And then a bunch of guys crash into our camera.

Lamay, the rider out of Alaska. Baggett right on his tail.

ANNOUNCER 2: I think that was Malcolm Stewart that got into our camera there. But great start for Brayton. Baggett out front.

Musquin’s got another good start now, in third.

Musquin and Pike here are just like Velcro. They’ve been stuck together all night long.

ANNOUNCER 1: Aw. Pike will go right up alongside of him. He is not afraid to mix it up.

ANNOUNCER 2: And hustled him out of the way.

ANNOUNCER 1: Oh. And look at this. Anderson has caught Brayton. Brayton doing everything he can to fend him off.

Contact to bring the fans to their feet here in Minneapolis.

ANNOUNCER 2: That aggressive.

ANNOUNCER 1: Speaking of aggressive–

ANNOUNCER 2: Aw. Hello.

ANNOUNCER 1: Musquin shows it to Pike, and puts his Red Bull KTM up into second place.

Of course, Broc Tickle, teammate to Musquin. Knocked out of the competition after failing–

ANNOUNCER 2: Oh, he’s off the track.

ANNOUNCER 1: Musquin off the race track. He struggles to get back on. Clips the [INAUDIBLE]. Pike can’t take advantage.

ANNOUNCER 2: In a very high speed section of the track.

ANNOUNCER 1: Oh. Marvin goes up alongside. But Brayton’s so good through the woods. Not able to catch him, and get back passed.

Here’s Pike in his 101st career start. Got number 100 last week in Seattle.

ANNOUNCER 3: Pike has been awesome in this main event. He started fifth, worked his way up. It’s been an epic battle for the Suzuki rider. I’d have to say this might be his best main event. Certainly the best finish, but best ride of the season for the number 34.

ANNOUNCER 1: Pike fifth, and the first one third here in the final lap of race number two.

ANNOUNCER 2: You can see the track. I mean, Tomac clearly dominated the first main event. But without the holeshot, the track’s a little bit one line in spots. Doesn’t seem to have an advantage in the whoops over anyone in front of him.

ANNOUNCER 1: When Pike has caught Brayton, we might have a battle for second to the checkers. But those are going to go to Marvin Musquin, who put on the kind of performance I think the Red Bull KTM team expected every week out of Marvin here in race number two.

Who will be Monster Energy Triple Crown Champion at the end of this third and final main event on a blizzard night here in Minneapolis?

Brayton with a great start. Tomac to the inside. They credit the holeshot. They show Cunningham taking it. But, boy. I don’t know. It’s Brayton who’s got the lead, with Tomac and Anderson on his tail. That’s what’s going to matter going forward.

ANNOUNCER 2: Looks like Anderson might get this spot from Tomac. Let’s see how this next section that Dungey talked about, how it shapes up.

Tomac clearly had the holeshot– he loses a spot to Pike also.

But right here in the split section, still a good amount of ruts. And also in this rhythm, it is very rutted as you go on off these table tops.

Look at Anderson.

ANNOUNCER 1: Wow. He just rips past Brayton.

Anderson takes over the lead. But [INAUDIBLE], with that move Anderson moves to second in the Triple Crown format.

[INAUDIBLE] down goes Pike. Tomac gets caught there. Here comes Barsha past.

Pike will get his bike picked back up and rejoin the battle.

ANNOUNCER 2: Let’s see what happened. So [INAUDIBLE] cleaned that section up. No real ruts had formed. Pike just washes the front end as he comes out of the turn. And that holds up Tomac a little bit.

His technique sometimes is just flawless. And this is the type of track here where he can really excel. He’s got a little run on Brayton, and just scrubs the triple, and flies by.

That’s going to allow Tomac also. And that’s going to cost Brayton big time in this Triple Crown.

Jason Anderson had that issue. Went off the track. And they docked him one position.

Pike gets into this first set of whoops really heavy, and just slams– he gets out of control on the Suzuki and slams into the back of Benny Bloss there. Bloss is lucky he didn’t go into those tough blocks also.

And just Pike has been amazing. And Anderson, he had a little bit to do with it. Maybe it’s more the bike. I don’t know.

ANNOUNCER 1: Well, you got to provide a rider with great tools. And Husqvarna has done that for Anderson. And Anderson has figured out how to use that toolbox, if you will, to his advantage. And that’s why he’s leading this championship.

Here’s Eli Tomac, chasing him. Tomac looking for the overall win.

Working the final lap.

ANNOUNCER 3: Well, the laps led in the Triple Crown, we started out with Anderson on top. Tomac, after that dominant ride, led most. It’s going to be close. I think Anderson’s ended up with most laps led in this– in the three Triple Crown events. But points as they run now have Tomac on top.

ANNOUNCER 1: Jason Anderson will have his third Triple Crown main of the season, as he takes the checkered flag and lights the candles in Minneapolis.

And your 2018 Monster Energy Triple Crown Champion is Eli Tomac!

For Tomac, it’s his seventh win of the year, 16th in the last two seasons.

– Eli Tomac, congratulations. With your seventh win of the year, your 20th career victory, there was something you said to me today that you want to finish the year strong. And that is by getting a win every single weekend. What kind of statement are you looking to make with these performances?

– You know, we’re just– we’re out here to win. And that’s what we– we got done tonight.

You know, those last two weren’t– we weren’t on fire. But I guess just good enough. So that’s all that counts here. And I just can’t give it up to my team enough. You know, it’s been a long hard day. Everyone worked their butt off, and we got here.

So, you know, just– just, you know, a great way to cap off the night.

– An extra special for Eli Tomac, because he will have the first official Monster Energy Supercross Triple Crown trophy. And it can’t hurt to have some new hardware for Eli Tomac. Congratulations.