June 23, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

– The MVP for today is actually the person who designed the safer barrier and also the system using the tires as well. Good to see you’re OK, Jimmy. Talk to us as far as what you saw through your windshield transpire.

– Yeah, by the time I saw what went on, the 11 was backwards and smoking the tires coming up the track. I knew where his arc was taking him, and I knew that I was in trouble in the outside lane and going to get into him some, and then the crash just kind of continued from there.

So unfortunate circumstances, but a lot to build on from this weekend. A strong Friday, a fantastic Saturday, and then not the best Sunday. We had a lot of different things work against us today, but we’re getting closer each and every week and I’m really proud of everybody Hendrick Motorsports, and we’ll get back to our winning ways soon.

– And Brad Keselowski has walked out of the infield care center. You had a chance inside the hospital to see the different replays. Where’s the blame fall on this one?

– Aerodynamics. You know, just the cars, when you get side-by-side, they just are meant to run that way, so that’s a tough finish for us. We’re just kind of sledging along at the 10th range, and looks like we gained a few spots– come up, lose your spots, go back, and had just gotten a restart and they wrecked in front of us, and I probably picked the wrong direction.

It was pick left, pick right, and I picked right, and the car slid up and I got into him, so tough break for everybody on the team, but we’ll work on it and get better for next time here with the Miller Lite Ford.

Denny Hamlin lived it. He’s also seen the replay. So if you had a chance to do it over again, what move would you do differently?

– Not speed on pit road in that first segment. That just– I shouldn’t have been in that position, but obviously the 18 was falling back there. 10 made a move on the inside. Everyone’s fighting for the bottom, and I was obviously running the bottom there.

The 10 tried to squeeze and I realized that he was going to come down. I got out of the gas and I got loose underneath him.

It’s still– you know, it’s my responsibility to keep my car under me, but we just were in– it’s so tight quarters there that it was nearly impossible to do, but all starts with me at the beginning of the race.

I mean, it’s my fault. I hate it for this race team. We got a car that I thought was very capable of winning in this race and unfortunately, we’re back here.

– Very classy. Thank for your honesty, Denny.