April 13, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

ANNOUNCER 1: Oh, look– trouble early, that’s the 40 of Chad Finchum.

ANNOUNCER 2: Probably chasing it early into the corner, and finally, got out from underneath him. But what a great job keeping it out of the wall. Saved their day for he and his team. Just an extremely fast– ooh.

ANNOUNCER 1: And they’re goes Jamie McMurray for a ride through the infield grass. Second caution of the day, and we’re not even 10 laps in. The cars are stuck really good, until they’re not. And you can see, Jamie just gets loose, gets a little bit of contact at that outside wall. And Clint, all day yesterday long in practice, we saw that car nervous looking through the corners. He just doesn’t have a good grip on the track.

ANNOUNCER 2: It’s just an extremely fast racetrack and very aero dependent.

ANNOUNCER 3: Oh, third caution of the day, this time for the 01 of Vinnie Miller. Man, these guys are being aggressive. I like this. Yesterday, we talked, Clint, and then this morning again about the toughness of this racetrack. We’re averaging a caution every five laps. The most recent victim of Texas Motor Speedway, Vinnie Miller.

ANNOUNCER 1: His fifth caution of the afternoon for driver 23, Spencer Gallagher.

ANNOUNCER 2: Whoa, just got pulled around there.

ANNOUNCER 3: And I think that is a perfect example of you said earlier. You’re gripped. You have grip until you don’t. That car was stuck. He was hauling. Then around it went, so quickly.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah, as soon as he got down on his door, around it went. There’s nothing he can do there. But that’s a product of the racetrack.

ANNOUNCER 1: Caution number six, second time we’ve seen it for the 40 of Chad Finchum. Last time–


ANNOUNCER 1: –he was able to keep it off the wall, not so fortunate this time. Destroyed that number 40.

ANNOUNCER 3: Man, he ripped his whole back window out.