June 24, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

– I really don’t know what would make me more emotional, the 190-race win-less streak, or like Matt Yocum just said, being able to be in victory lane with your family for the first time. Having his son lay his head on his daddy’s shoulder, I just think that’s awesome. I know we have to give credit to Stewart-Haas racing and to Clint Bowyer, but when you look at some of the other guys who had good finishes here today, who stands out to you?

– Well, I want to give a big tip of the hat to his crew chief, Mike Bugarewicz, because they qualified well but they keep up with the racetrack. I mean early on, they were just there. They really weren’t threatening really hard. But they got in position, they made the right changes. And then again, I talked about how good the pit stop was, that final one. They nailed it when they needed to, with not only the adjustment, but a good, solid pit stop, and got him up on that front row where he could make a run to win this race.

– Second year at Stewart-Haas racing. Didn’t win last year, didn’t make the playoffs. How much pressure entering 2018 and how big was the statement that he made about how good he is as a race car driver today, Bobby?

– Well, you know, he got hired a year before he got to drive that car. So I think he felt a lot going into it. What a great story that Clint has, that he was hired by Tony Stewart the year before he got to get in that race car. So he makes a great statement. Last year, they had a big changeover with Ford, going to Ford. And they ran good, but he wasn’t quite– he didn’t win the race. So I think today, with obviously the performance from Stewart-Haas racing, they made the difference today. He made a difference today. He also put not just Kevin Harvick, the lead guy, but he also can be the lead guy at that organization.

– Yeah, and one other thing too I don’t want to forget, with that win, he’s punching his ticket for the playoffs. Last year, they came so close to getting in the playoffs and he didn’t make it. So, I mean, the win, huge. But also, being in the playoffs.

– Yeah, I mean, that’s the question, right? So we’ve seen Clint, I would say emotionally– not on the happy side emotional, right? I mean, maybe a little tight because he hasn’t been getting those victories, wanting to get back to victory lane. How does this loosen things up for him moving forward?

– It puts him back into that frame of mind that we saw when he got out of the car, how excited he. I mean, that’s what you want to see from your driver, because we get just that excited because everybody works so hard. And when you can put that combination together, I mean, even think about what has been going on with Kevin Harvick. Kevin Harvick has showed us emotion this year. So you get that all going to one organization like Stewart-Haas, as good as they’ve been racing? Whoa, you’d better watch out.

– I think, though, that’s his greatest attribute, is that loosey goosey. Now, that doesn’t play well if you’re not winning. But when you’re winning, it puts energy in everybody, including the fans in the stands, because when the race ended today, he drank a beer with his family and the crew. And then he said, who wants some? You got snow? How about a little champagne on you in the grandstands?

– That is so great. That’s classic Clint, you know?

– It is.

– And that is him being loose and that is him– I mean, this could open up the door for a lot of things for him the rest of this season.