June 23, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

ANNOUNCER 1: And the white flag waves, sponsored by Credit One Bank.

CREW: All clear, man. All clear. All clear. Race is official. Bring this thing home. [INAUDIBLE], a [INAUDIBLE] class [INAUDIBLE] and a Allstar Race [INAUDIBLE].

ANNOUNCER 1: Tick-tock, grandfather clock. Clint Bowyer wins Martinsville.

CLINT BOWYER: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

ANNOUNCER 2: Woo-hoo.

CLINT BOWYER: –everybody, yeah! All right, all right. Ah!


ANNOUNCER 2: Oh, no, no. What is he going to do now?

ANNOUNCER 1: He’s doing burnouts.

ANNOUNCER 2: Oh my gosh, I thought he was going to hit the wall.

ANNOUNCER 3: I’ve never seen anyone start doing burnouts before they even got back around the–

CLINT BOWYER: –boys. Great job, everybody.

ANNOUNCER 2: Come on around here, dude.

ANNOUNCER 3: Don’t get stuck in the grass down there.

ANNOUNCER 2: Oh my gosh. He went down into the third turn, I thought he was going to hit the wall.

ANNOUNCER 3: He started doing a burnout about 80 miles an hour down the back straightaway.

ANNOUNCER 1: Ninth career win in his 439th start. His last win came October 2012 at Charlotte. First time he’s won at Martinsville. And Clint Bowyer taking home the checkered flag. He is today’s Sunoco Fueling Victory.

– What a journey. Can you describe the relief?

– To have it come here– this is a place where I’ve gotten so close. I wanted to win this grandfather clock so bad. I mean, Patty come over– we got so close back in 2012. And to see him and everybody– Mike, Booger, everyone on this team– everybody at Stewart-Haas Racing. We learned last year– obviously, Harvick came on strong at the end of last year– but it was a learning year for our team, with the 14 bunch. It was just time. For whatever reason, it felt right driving up here. Such a cool place to be able to drive up through the countryside on a two-lane road and think about the race. And I told him this morning, I was like, damn it, we got to get a picture in victory lane. And he told me he wanted a checkered flag. We get that checkered flag?

Let me tell you something. Gene Haas, Tony Stewart, to give this old dog a fresh chance and fresh blood, new opportunity– Russy Rush, everybody at Rush Trucks Series, I just thank you, brother. I love you. Wish you were here. One Cure’s a new partner for us. WIX Filters is a new partner, it’s going to be on the car later. He’s really proud of that checkered flag. But just everybody working together, from Harvick leading the charge with those first two– give me one them damn beers– with his first three wins there, and then finally to get the 14 in victory lane, it’s just a weight off the shoulders, man. It’s been a long time. You start to question if you can get it done or not. To have it come at this place, I’m telling you, it meant a lot.

– So many meaningful things about the win today. The first time for your kids to be in a victory lane. And you mentioned it, this is a place– you’re an old school racer. This is the place that every driver wants to have on their resume, and especially, have that clock.

– Absolutely. I mean, this is a place– it’s an acquired taste. It’s something that, when I first got here, I was a duck out of water just like everybody else that starts here at their first. Learned from Jimmy Johnson. Learned from Jeff Gordon– sometimes the hard way. But nonetheless, I learned over the years, and finally put it to good use. To keep Kyle Busch, the best in the business– one of the best in the business– behind you those closing laps, it’s just– the nerves are through the roof. My brother was on the back straightaway, just like old times at Lakeside. I could see his big ass back there rooting me on, and telling me, just like he did back at Lakeside. So it’s just– it’s unbelievable how it all came true, and to have everybody here. The dirt boys, they had a good weekend. And I told them guys to come up here, because we was going to have a good one. Mobile One, the technology that they give us is second to none. And it’s just awesome to watch those Haas F1 cars run as good as they did this weekend, and then all four of our Stewart-Haas cars had a good weekend– great weekend to be Stewart-Haas company.