June 21, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

COMMENTATOR 1: Who’s going to nail the start? Who’s going to get to that white line first? Musquin does, Bowers is down back behind him. Where’s Tomac? He’s been so electrifying this year. Here he comes around the outside.


COMMENTATOR 1: Anderson is caught up in that mess with Bowers and Baggett and Webb. Oh, the points leader. He’s way back in 21st–


COMMENTATOR 1: –position.

COMMENTATOR 2: And look who’s out front?

COMMENTATOR 1: How much can he gain tonight? Musquin, he’s got the lead.

COMMENTATOR 2: What happens to Anderson here?

COMMENTATOR 1: On the breaks.

COMMENTATOR 2: So Bowers goes down, a little domino effect right there. And then, see, Anderson, he can’t quite get his bike off of Baggett.

COMMENTATOR 1: And now, Anderson gets around, looks like Gardner–

COMMENTATOR 2: Good for 16.

COMMENTATOR 1: And now he’s going after Baggett. And in front of Baggett is Merriam. Baggett clears Merriam. Anderson will do the same. And it looks like Anderson now, all the way up to 15th. Here’s Reed next.


COMMENTATOR 1: And that’s going to cost him, as Cunningham almost got back around.

COMMENTATOR 2: Yeah, and that’s the type of mistakes that you don’t want to have once you already found yourself back in the pack. But did a good job of keeping it on two wheels. That could’ve gone bad for him.

COMMENTATOR 1: Now Tomac, we’re hearing, is down on the racetrack. So that’s going to help Anderson out, maybe, if they all get by him.

COMMENTATOR 2: Oh, he’s down.

COMMENTATOR 1: There is Eli.

COMMENTATOR 2: Down hard.


COMMENTATOR 2: That’s in that first rhythm section out of the first turn. And he’s not–

COMMENTATOR 1: He was running in second.

COMMENTATOR 2: He’s not rushing to get back on that Kawasaki, either. Well, it looks like the track and the ruts have taken their toll on Eli Tomac tonight, as he was all over Musquin there.

COMMENTATOR 1: Watching timing and scoring, and it looks– oh, Tomac down. That could help Anderson in getting around– Reed helps even more. And Anderson now up to eighth.


COMMENTATOR 1: Wilson, right into Tickle. And back down goes Tickle into the ground, and back into second goes Dean Wilson. White flag. One more to go here in Indianapolis.

COMMENTATOR 2: I’m just so– really, really proud of him. This has been a great effort here tonight for the number 15. And there, for a second, it looked like Brayton was going to close in on him and make something happen. But–

COMMENTATOR 1: Marvin Musquin, on his way to the checkered flags in Indianapolis. His fourth career win, and the second of 2018.

– What went into this performance tonight for you? It’s got to feel good to be back on top after 11 weeks.

– Yeah. For sure. I’d say it’s good. That’s where I belong. I mean, at least battling for the win. And that’s exactly what I was doing. And I got a great start. I was– you know, I chanced it.

I went inside and Frankie was like, oh, are you sure you want to go tight inside? I said, yeah, if I get a jump, I’m good, and I got the hole shot. So that’s the best feeling, you know? And team work– you know, with all the team, Red Bull KTM team, my wife, Frankie, it’s awesome.

That was a weird race, but I knew it was going to be crazy. I thought it was Jason behind me, but I thought it was Eli, obviously. And then I saw him going down. I told you all day long, I got to be smart, smooth, and creative. And then, at one point, I was looking back and Frankie was not telling me much about the gap.

And to be honest, I had no idea where they were behind me. But it was kind of hard to keep the focus, but man, with such a big lead like that, you lose your rhythm. That’s why I was trying to be precise, clean, and not make mistakes.

And even some of the lappers were same speed as me. I was just cruising and, yeah, that’s what happens when the track is so tough like that. So thank you, everybody. It’s good to be back on top.