April 17, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

COMMENTATOR 1: Savatgy to the inside, but Martin beats him to the corner, and tough blocks get knocked into their lanes. And it’s Martin that comes out with the lead.

COMMENTATOR 2: And both of your points leaders got stuck on the tough block. They’re last.

COMMENTATOR 1: First hole shot this year for Jeremy Martin, and Rodriguez trying to make the most of it. He got a good start on the 56.

COMMENTATOR 2: And watch. They get in there, and watch the– oh, Cianciarulo’s on the front wheel. Clips the tough block right here, and then Osborne stopped. Plessinger stopped. McElrath back there. Wow.

COMMENTATOR 1: Plessinger back in 12th. At one point, was 17th. Savatgy is in sixth. Cianciarulo was eighth, he’s moved up to seventh. Osborne is all the way back in 21st. McElrath in 16th. Osborne now picks up a spot. Is on the 76, but Plessinger’s got a lot of work to do, Daniel. Oh, and down goes Savatgy, Daniel. Savatgy is on the ground and losing lots of positions.

COMMENTATOR 3: Well, that’s a huge break in the direction of Aaron Plessinger.

COMMENTATOR 1: Martin continuing to lead. Three seconds up on [INAUDIBLE] now, who has moved into the second place position. Savatge from the West, Osborne from the East. Both title contenders in their respective divisions.

COMMENTATOR 4: Well, Joey goes way to the inside there, blocking that line.

COMMENTATOR 1: And there’s Wharton just in front of him. He is the first rider in the top 10 that Osborne would see, if he can get around Joey, and he does.

COMMENTATOR 4: Osborne, just muscles him out of the way there.

COMMENTATOR 1: Now we focus in on Fortner and Plessinger, and here comes Aaron.

COMMENTATOR 2: Watch this. He’s going to cut down. They got him this time.

COMMENTATOR 1: Looking for the drive. Bar-to-bar with him.

COMMENTATOR 3: Oh. They’re getting close there.


COMMENTATOR 1: Completes the pass.

COMMENTATOR 2: Good pass, good pass.

COMMENTATOR 1: Plessinger now, moving up into fifth. He just needs a crack and he’ll be able to push through. Could this be it right here? Yes, no! Oh, he had it.

COMMENTATOR 3: I can’t believe he still jumped that from that far inside.

COMMENTATOR 2: Let’s see if he can slingshot by. He’s going to stay wide. Gives it the inside line.

COMMENTATOR 1: He gets great drive out of that Husqvarna. Takes him wide, and there it is. That will give him seventh, and a couple of more points.

COMMENTATOR 2: And you know, Skip Norfolk–

COMMENTATOR 3: See him making a mistake, and he’s going to–

COMMENTATOR 1: Here it is. Oh, he’s right there. Now he’s got him, and the crowd come to their feet here in Indianapolis.

COMMENTATOR 3: Nice move, aggressive move by Adam. Oh, he got crossed on a little bit. Did you see that?

COMMENTATOR 2: Yeah, I was going to say, so the Traders Racing Yamaha team is managed by Skip Norfolk. He’s got– he’s got plenty of wins under his belt as a mechanic.

COMMENTATOR 1: Plessinger, trying against Smith for another position. And the checkered flag falls for the number six, Jeremy Martin, who gets his first win in the last 13 starts of the first of the year. Plessinger, can he get around Smith? No.

– What went into this race, and how did you get it done? Your first win since 2016.

– You know, first off, this is just a blessing to be able to be out here. So I got to give it up to the man up above. And you know, I’m doing what I love to do and I’ve got a dream team, the Geico Honda AMSOIL Factor Connection team. And you know, we had a family member in the motorcycle community pass away from Dunlop, Dan.

So you know, I’d like to dedicate this win to him and Dunlop for everything that they do for us. They’ve helped us countless times throughout the years. So you know, it was a great race. I got the hole shot and then, you know, I just rode my own race and raced the track, you know? I saw those guys right there and I’m like, you just got to keep digging.

So that’s why we put in the time during the week and suffer. So I’d like to thank, like I said, Garmin, my mom and dad– they’re here supporting me– my practice bike mechanic, Kyle, Pedro. And Dan, Bailey, and Kibby– the whole Geico Honda crew– thank you very much.