June 21, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

ANNOUNCER 1: White flag in the air, one lap to go. Sponsored by Credit One Bank.

ANNOUNCER 2: Just one of those laps I’d like to ride with him.

ANNOUNCER 1: Wait a minute. I’ve seen you ride with some–

ANNOUNCER 2: No, no, no.

ANNOUNCER 1: Drivers over the years that didn’t go so well.

ANNOUNCER 2: You’re exactly– what am I thinking? Lost my mind again. But that car sure has looked mighty good all day long.

ANNOUNCER 1: Martin Truex has lapped all but the next nine cars. Going to be a great battle for fourth at the finish. Denny Hamlin–


ANNOUNCER 1: Comes in to spoil the Penske party. And off turn four, the headlines will read Jersey Boy Goes California Dreaming. Martin Truex Jr. wins the Auto Club 400.

MARTIN TRUEX JR.: Woo! [INAUDIBLE] baby! Oh yeah, man. Awesome job all day. Way to–

ANNOUNCER 1: Kyle Larson, Kyle Busch. And for fourth, Brad Keselowski beats teammate Joey Logano and Denny Hamlin. Some time later today, Eric Jones will finish seventh. Ryan Blaney eighth, Jimmy Johnson ninth, Austin Dillon 10th, and that’s all the cars on the lead lap today. As Martin Truex Jr. put on a show.


Martin Truex Jr. taking home the checkered flag. He’s today’s Sunoco Fueling Victory. Climbing out after his 16th career win in Goodyear victory lane, here’s Jamie.

ANNOUNCER 3: Woo. The smoke and the confetti. The Gatorade. He gets his first stage wins of the year. Your first win. How were you able to hold off the 18? You guys had such an intense battle for most of this race.

– Just– just fighting hard, you know? And just quit never gave up on it. You know, I knew we had a really good race car after, honestly the first adjustment of the race. It then came alive. And you know, from there was just about managing my tires, and being smart.

You know, we had a little trouble getting beat out of the pits. And that was tough, and then one round we fell back to fifth, and had to work our way back up. And I just– I really just had to take care of my front tires. And once we got some clean air in, the thing was unbelievable.

So just got to thank Cole and Barney and everybody, you know back in Denver. I was out at TRD this week. They gave me this hat. It must be good luck. Thank you guys for great engines. Obviously, this was a good one today. And Bass Pro, Five Hour, Toyota, TRD again, Auto Owners, Furniture of Denver, Mattress Tracker.

Everybody just– everybody that makes this possible, man. This is a dream come true, and people kept asking, when are you going to win again? You haven’t won any stages. Well here you go.

– Martin, you mentioned that little bit of trouble on pit road today. Just about every stop you would come out worse than you went in. How do you keep your cool as a driver? And how important is it to see the end result?

– It’s all you think about right there. It’s just what you can do to win the race. And when we have those things happen, there’s nothing you can do about them at the time, but dig deep and try to find a way. And for us today, we just– we had a good enough car we were able to– just able to make it happen. So yeah.

I don’t know even what to say. I inhaled a lot of Goodyear there. But Goodyear tires were awesome tonight. Thanks for that, and thanks to the fans, and Monster, and everybody that supports the series. This is unbelievable to be able to do this for a living.