May 14, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

– Darrell Mott, we could not keep him from following us out west. Here’s Mott’s Minute.

– Thanks, Shannon. It’s time for Mott’s Minute, but this week, it’s Mott’s Hollywood Minute. I’m going to take you all throughout town. We’re celebrating the end of the West Coast swing. Man, Kevin Harvick’s been on fire. Can you believe it? You think he can do it again? We’re gonna find out. This week, I’m going to go all around town with some NASCAR drivers and see the sights, but today is my beach day, so I decided to come out here with some of my friends.

– Hi, Darrell.

– I wish you guys could be here. I mean, I know you’re here, but you know, at the beach.


Today I’m at Muscle Beach in Venice, California to work out with Matt Dibenedetto and get ready for the race.

– You ready, bro?

– Let’s go, man.

– All right, dude. Let’s warm up with some pull ups.

– Oh, yeah, yeah. All right. Oh, all right. Yeah. Yeah, no. Looking strong, Matt. You’re the burrito. You got this. Make more noise. Oh, sorry. Yeah, there you go. There we go.

– Darrell. Pay attention.

– I gotta see Gal Gadot.

– Darrell, pay attention.

– It’s Wonder Woman.

– Turn one.

– Yeah.

– Turn two. Turn three. Darrell. Left turns, dude.

– OK, left. Yep. Turn one again.

– Turn four.

– No, we’re at Pocono. Turn two.

– This guy.



– Thank you.

– Are you sure all this is necessary?

– I’m a driver, Darrell. We’re athletes.

– Can we get some lunch?

– After the workout.

– Yeah, but there’s a burrito place like two blocks from here.

– Oh, OK. Yeah, maybe.

– Yeah.

– I’m here with Will Byron, and we are hanging out in Los Angeles. I had an idea for you to drive me around town, but it’s been raining, and I know you don’t drive in the rain.

– Yeah, we don’t really do the rain, so we’ll stay away from that.

– I fixed the problem, though. I’ve rented us a bus. That’s for us.

– Yeah. That’s awesome.

– Drivers first. Do you have your phone? Should we Instagram this. We’re on the Hollywood tour.

– Yeah, we can.

– All right. Let’s talk–


– Instagram stories.

– Hey, we’re in Hollywood going on a tour. It’s fun. And that goes right to the gram. We’re gonna get so many likes. Is there a celebrity that if you saw that you would be like, all right. I’m gonna go up and say hello. I have to say hello to this celebrity.

– I mean, like, Tom Hanks comes to mind.

– I would get in with Hollywood now and say, I want to do stunt driving. I’m still going to be a race car driver, but the next chase scene, I’m going to do it.

– That’s me. Go through the fire.

– I have some rapid fire questions for you. Are you ready?

– I’m ready.

– Snoop Dogg or Dr. Dre?

– Dr. Dre.

– Good call.

– Surfing or skateboarding?

– Surfing.

– Beach or pool?

– Beach.

– Homer Simpson or Peter Griffin?

– Oh, Peter Griffin. I used to have a Peter Griffin, like, blow up. Like, a little stuffed animal, and I put it through security, like–

– You would take it with you?

– Yeah. I’d take it with me everywhere.

– Hey man, so thanks for hanging out with me in Los Angeles. This was kind of fun. Next time that we get to hang out, I want to hear about your LA adventures.

– Yeah, that’d be awesome. That sounds good.

– Good luck this weekend, man.

– Thanks, man. Appreciate it.

– Hey, today for Mott’s Minute, I’m hanging out with Austin Dillon. We’re outside the Chinese Theatre, the famous landmark here in Los Angeles, and then we’re gonna just kind of cruise the walk of fame.

– Yeah.

– Hollywood walk of fame. You’ve been out here before.

– It’s pretty interesting for sure. I want to see what we can get into. Maybe we’ll see Spider Man today.

– Are you a movie guy?

– I like movies, yeah. I’ve been watching the new Marvel movies. I like Thor, Ragnarok. I actually got a new helmet getting painted right now with Hulk all over the side of it. Planet Hulk, too.

– So, when you’re out here, does it feel– do you like the energy? Because this town’s got a lot of energy, and I think that’s gotta be kind of helpful going into a race weekend.

– There’s definitely a lot of energy. It’s something different, you know? From where I’m from, there’s nothing like home in North Carolina, but this is different. So I like coming out here, and you can see a whole different culture, in my opinion. It’s like going into a different world.

– What’s your go to, like, unwind activity when you are on the motorcoach?

– I like TV shows, actually, more than movies. I’m a huge “Vikings” fan, and “Game of Thrones”, so I do that. And then usually I’m studying something too, on the race stuff. Dude, check it out. Edward Scissorshands.

– Edward Scissorhands. There you go. Johnny Depp. Icon, right?

– Yeah. He must be scared of the light, cameras.

– [LAUGHING] He’s got the things up. We have a lot of super heroes going on here.

– Yep. There’s Batman. You know, speaking of super heroes, this lady’s kind of the super woman right here.

– She’s an icon, right?

– Yeah. Did you watch “Wonder Woman”?

– I did, I did.

– Good movie.

– So, I guess we should take a picture, right?

– Yeah, let’s do it. Say cheese.

– Cheese.