May 14, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

– I can’t even tell you. I told your crew chief Drew that I wanted to give you a hug after I saw you in the media center in Daytona. I was so proud of you. And the emotions, they were so real and so raw. Where do you think that came from?

– Oh, all that pressure, all those eyes that were on me for– for that– that weekend just came crashing down all at once. And I just couldn’t hold back the tears, I think, for two hours at least. Right before I got on the plane, I was fine. So that was just a whirlwind of a week, as 10 days, however long we were down there, just going through that, and just my mother’s hug just– [SNAPPING] Just like that, like a light switch.

– Maybe that’s why.

– I love that you show your emotion like that. I mean, I think it’s something that, you know, we talk about when you get into the broadcasting side. You want to see more guys show that raw emotion, and whether it be a moment like that, that we got to see. Or, you know, after a great finish in the excitement. I got to ask you, so you had confidence coming out of the duels, took that to the 500. Came out of there with a great finish. Now a little bit of reality’s kicked in.

– Reality. Yes.

– But, so how do you manage that side of it, and what tracks are you looking forward to that maybe you can get back up front in?

– Yeah, the only– the only one that I was a little worried about was Atlanta. Just, we never really had the best stuff there, in the Xfinity stuff. And I couldn’t really get a handle for it. I was trying to do my best at Harvick and ride the bottom, but just never could figure it out. So going there–

– Don’t worry. There’s 39 others who couldn’t figure it out, either.

– So we actually practiced really well. And then we had some mechanical stuff go on that we didn’t know until after the race, and so from then on out, I was like Vegas, Phoenix, California, I love all these places. And we just had the worst luck, you know, especially last week, and I thought our car was really good. I think I had a good problem. In practice, I wasn’t using enough brake. Isn’t that a good problem to have?

– That’s what my crew chief always asked me if you’re going to– don’t use so much brake.

– Yeah, so I was trying to do my best at that. And then once I figured everything out, we were marching to the front. And then we just had some hiccups on pit road that took us out of contention. But this is all– like I said on Twitter, it’s growing pains that we’re all getting through. So California’s a reset force, and I can’t be more excited to get here.

– You know, though, Bubba, I think back to those four races last year, when Eric got hurt and you were put in that 43 car. The good thing is you and Drew Blickensderfer know you guys can do it. I mean you got better every single race up to that 11th place finish in Kentucky.

– Yeah, and you’re exactly right. And I think about that all the time. But I also think of OK, this is a reality check. This is a total different, you know, new format for the whole RPM team. And so we’re just trying to manage through everything, get through everything, and– and– but I do look back and like, OK, it was– I wouldn’t say it was easy, but man, we were just finished 11th Kentucky. And now we can’t find our way, but it’s all part of the sport.

– Speaking of Drew, and Bubba, we heard you guys on the radio this week, you– you– what song were you singing?

– I made up some song. He was asking about, is it forward grip or lateral grip, side to side, and I just made up a song, front, back, side to side.

– I’m going to take you up for my crew chief Buddy. The singing was getting on my nerves, too. Stick to playing the drums.

– Hey, you could sing all you want, just don’t lose a couple [INAUDIBLE].

– Yeah, yeah, exactly.


– The problem is is that I sit next to Drew on this show, and I’m always singing. So maybe it is. Maybe he’s the same way with singing.

– Her singing gets on my nerves, too.

– There you go. There you go. But it was fun, I mean, and you guys are going to go through this stuff, right? I mean it’s crew chief driver.

– Absolutely.

– Part is like a marriage.

– Yeah.

– There you go.