April 17, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

– What else makes me nervous is going very fast around the race track. But you guys do that every weekend. You did that, both for Hendrick Motorsports. When you look at Hendrick Motorsports and you look at the change that they’re going through right now, DW, you’ve been part of teams, as a veteran, that went through similar circles of change. What’s that like for a guy like Jimmy Johnson?

– Well, I never forget, when I went to work for Rick Hendrick back in the ’80s, and Rick sat me down, and he said, if you don’t want to be a part of a multi-car team, you’re at the wrong place. So that’s always been Rick’s vision, multi-car teams.

But I think– and no disrespect to William or Bowman or Chase or anybody else. But who does Jimmy Johnson– who does he lean on for advice? Where does he get stuff that helps Jimmy Johnson be better?

He’s a teacher right now. He’s teaching. He’s a mentor to these younger drivers. And I think it’s– he doesn’t have the older driver or another driver with his experience to go bounce ideas off of.

He and Chad do a great job of doing that, I know. But I think you need teammates that can add to the pool as well. And I’m not saying these guys don’t know what they’re doing. But I’m just saying, he’s way up there, and he needs help.

– You were around a lot last year. But obviously–

– Yeah.

– –full-time now. Take us inside the competition room. What are those meetings like? And who’s stepping up and taking that leadership role?

– Yeah, honestly, there’s Jimmy Johnson as a critical leader of our team. But also, Jeff Gordon. I mean, he’s a critical part of what Hendrick Motorsports is built on. And we have a lot of advice from him and advice from Jimmy. So the two of them work well together and work well to help us.

And also, Chase. He has a lot of knowledge from his first three years in the Cup Series. And that advice helps us, especially as a young driver like me in my first year. So I would say Chase as well.

– Now, wait a minute. You said Jeff Gordon’s telling you guys what to do. And he’s always telling us what to do over here at Fox!

– Everywhere he goes, he’s telling people what to do.

– There is that. He’s just bossy, isn’t he?