June 23, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

– Need that protective gear, Ryan.

– Yeah. You think they have a helmet that’ll fit my head?

– There you go. Actually, I guess I should put this on first.

– Let’s go this way.

– All right.

– Hmm. Look at this.

– Construction. All right. We’re going to go down in the midway, check out some of the new stuff down there. This is the new fan hospitality area, The Wheelhouse. First permanent structure they’ve had here at ISM. This would be where I would hang out. Cause there’s probably drinks in here.

RYAN NEWMAN: It’s pretty nice. It’s pretty nice. Let’s go in and check it out.

– Trackside Bar And Grill.

– Well they have ketchup and relish. So these are high tops. These are low tops. It must be a karaoke night.

– It’s friendly for all people. I got to say, this is pretty cool. Don’t you think so?

– It is pretty nice.

– This’ll be a good–

RYAN NEWMAN: Looking for my banner on the wall over there.

KAITLYN VINCIE: –fan experience. Yeah, where’s your banner with all your wins here?

RYAN NEWMAN: It must be all the way around the corner.

KAITLYN VINCIE: Yeah. Because it’s starting with ’88. And you were much further down. Maybe a 2018 banner.

– Maybe.

ANNOUNCER 1: Off turn four. Hello Newman! Ryan Newman wins the Richard Childress Racking.

– That’s a hell of a job, buddy.

ANNOUNCER 1: That’s Richard Childress.

KAITLYN VINCIE: So Ryan, we’re back at ISM Raceway, the last place you won. What’s it like coming back here? What’s the feeling?

– I mean it’s– it’s fun. But obviously, to come back to the track you won at last, it means something. Doesn’t mean you’re going to win the next time. But this does give you confidence.

– This season started out on a high note for your organization. When your teammate Austin Dillon won the Daytona 500.

ANNOUNCER 1: And here it comes, with the number three 20 years ago. 20 years of trying for Earnhardt. He won the Daytona 500. Austin Dillon wins the 60th running of the great American race. How fitting how special.

KAITLYN VINCIE: How do you feel like that just kind of got everything started on the right foot, just with the significance of that win to your team?

– For our side, the 31 side, you know, it was big. We were a big part of you know, communication wise, and what we did to make our race cars drive fast, work good, and strategy wise and all that stuff. I knew what he was kind of feeling. And I know what he’s going to feel. And he has no idea about that part.

– I know it’s early in the year, but how do you feel like the season has gone so far for the 31 team?

– We’ve had more speed in our cars. And I’ve had some good runs.

ANNOUNCER 2: They said they’ve really got a race car that they’re happy with this time around.

ANNOUNCER 3: Ryan Newman, his 12th front row start here.

ANNOUNCER 2: Newman said, I feel like I can do with it what I want.

– I think we’ve been better than last year, which is good if you think about coming here to Phoenix, knowing that it’s the fourth race of the year. But overall, what we just need to do a little bit better.

– Where do you feel like you are right now professionally with your career?

– I haven’t done the things I want to do. I haven’t won a championship. Feel like I’ve lost too many races. So I still want to go win some more.