April 16, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

ANNOUNCER 1: [INAUDIBLE] caution in lap 191 in Phoenix. Paul Menard running 24 by himself. It looked like something broke on that car, and it spun and backed into the wall hard at the exit of Turn 2.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah, as we look back down the track, you’ll see the car wreck here, the yellow car in the middle of the corner. Watch the sparks fly out from under it.

ANNOUNCER 3: Boy, you don’t see an impact like that, especially on the exit of Turn 2 here in Phoenix, very often. Those sparks– I don’t know if it was from the right rear tire blowing, and then the wheel was– were the sparks, or if something else broke in the suspension back there that caused it to cut that tire.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah, I don’t see the [INAUDIBLE] looks like it’s in its position it’s supposed to be in. To me, it looked like a right rear tire may have gone down.