June 24, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

– And Kevin Harvick joins us now from Phoenix. Kevin, first of all, thanks for your time this morning. We got to start out with the penalties, specifically your reaction to it. We saw that you had one tweet that said this isn’t our first rodeo. You guys have been here before. What did you mean by that?

– Well, you know, I definitely think you have to understand how to react to these situations. And I think as a team, it’s obviously not the first time that we’ve been here. And for me personally, I’ve had probably more fines than anybody left in this garage. So it’s definitely something that you want to use as motivation for your guys. And I think they’ve done a great job in doing that. And everybody’s had a great attitude about things. And hopefully we can just keep doing what we’ve been doing.

– Kevin, one of the more interesting parts about this situation is how it came about. You said on Friday in the media center that you thought social media was partly responsible for NASCAR’s reaction. What do you mean by that?

– Well, I think as we saw in the PGA golf, this is not something where you want to have fan officiating and officiating by pictures and video cameras. Because if you do that, there’s only a certain group of people that are going to be on TV. And you’re not being fair to the rest of the field as far as officiating everything the same way. So I felt like NASCAR had a lot of pressure put on them to react to a situation and then didn’t explain it very well as to how it happened. So I think as you look at the penalty and you look at the things that were said and you hear the reaction that the failure was in the roof. The window bracing had nothing wrong with it. It met all the rules and did all the things that it was supposed to.

And sure, they found a technicality to make the penalty what it needed to be from the side skirt from being steel to aluminum. And that’s on us. That was a rule that was announced February 18th. And we didn’t do a good job of adhering to that rule. So just a lot of technicalities that you could pretty much call on anybody in this garage if you’re going to officiate by pictures and fans. So hopefully we can keep everybody off of Twitter and officiate this place evenly from one end to the other.

– All right Kevin, let’s put the penalties behind us. Hey, we know you’re always fast here. But yesterday you were fastest in both practices, best five lap, 10 lap, 20 lap averages. You had to feel pretty good about your car today. Tell us about it.

Yeah, are Jimmy John’s Florida’s has been really good. Obviously, we would have liked to have qualified better. But as we go through the race tracks, this is not a race track that I qualify very well for whatever reason through the years. So the car was really good in race trim. And hopefully it stays that way today. And we can stomp a mud hole on them.

– All right, Kevin, that’s a great way to put it now. And thanks so much for your time this morning, Kevin, and coming by and talking with us. We appreciate it. And best of luck out there today.

– All right guys, thank you.