April 11, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

– We were in Las Vegas that 14. They are in fact on a heater. They’re on a heater, aren’t they?

– They are.

– And this win is significant, because it’s not just another victory at NASCAR’s top level. It was, in fact, career win number 100 for Kevin Harvick when you look at the top three series of NASCAR. 39 now in a Monster Energy Series. He’s got 47 victories when it comes to Xfinity competition. And don’t forget pretty good when he’s running the tailgate as well.

14 times he’s been to victory lane in the Camping World Truck Series. So what does this do to the overall picture? Not many drivers have been able to make it to the century mark. Harvick now with Richard Petty, we all know he’s got 200. Kyle Busch has been outstanding, 43 cup wins for him. But 184 overall. David Pearson, the only other driver to have more than 100 wins when you look at NASCAR’s top three series. Here’s Kevin post-race talking about joining this group.

– Well I think, you know, the 100th win is obviously a big deal just for the fact that I’ve been fortunate to do this for a long time. And you know, to have been fortunate to have had some success. But I think when you look at the 100 top tens, with Rodney, that’s been in a pretty short amount of time. And I think that goes to show you just the impact this group has had from a performance side of things.

And you know, the things that we’ve been able to accomplish. You know, we all probably think we should have or could have won more races. But when you know you look at that total of the top teams and the things that we have done, it’s been pretty special five years.

ANALYST: It’s hard for me to believe that it’s been five years, even more hard to believe the numbers that they have accumulated since 2014. That’s when Rodney Childers, Kevin Harvick teamed up to run out that four car for Stewart-Haas Racing. They won their second event together out west. 2014 champion, so they came right out of the gate claiming titles.

16 wins this is great, but how about 100 top 10 finishes in 147 starts? That’s well over 60%. I know, Drew, you and David had the magic going in 2011. Shannon and I, we bring it every day on NASCAR Race Of. But put in perspective these two, Kevin Harvick, Rodney Childers and what they’ve been able to do.

– Timing is important in our sport. Sometimes you have teams that have really good race cars, but maybe the driver’s not experienced or mature enough to win with those race cars. Or you have a driver that’s ready to win, but the team’s not ready. And I think timing was very important and crucial to the success that this four team has had.

You had Harvick leaving RCR. He was in a little bit of a slump. He was ready for some new life. Rodney Childers had kind of cut his teeth at MWR, had won a race or two. But he was ready for a new challenge. And guess what? SSR, they were just developing their team. Stewart just won a championship, won some races.

So they all got paired up together and they’ve been on fire the last four or five years. Maybe besides Jimmy and Chad, they’re probably one of the top two or three guys, combinations, on the circuit today.

– Yeah. Would you say that, because I mentioned Jimmy and Chad. And I look at like Brad and Paul as well. And I look at those guys as kind of a top pairings in crew chief-driver. Would just say that these guys are right up there?

– I’d say since ’14. I think everybody before 2014 knew Rodney was a skillful crew chief. Former driver, had done really well at a place that didn’t have as much money probably, and as much backing as Stewart-Haas does. And he is still continued to win races. So when they put this power group together of Kevin, who’s won races in the past, Rodney who has won races, they exploded. So in 2018, they are for sure at the top of my list on their pairings.

– Personalities are good together, too.

– Very good.

– Absolutely.