April 16, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

[ENGINE REVVING] – Hey, welcome to Motte’s Minute. I’m Daryl Motte. Drivers, they’re just like us. Even on a busy work day, parenting duties never stop. Kevin Harvick had his hands full on Sunday, in more ways than one.

– Keelan, I know you’re not being very good today.

– Uh-oh.

– So remember, you’d better get your act together.

– Ouch. Public scolding on National TV? What was Keeland so mad about?

– He’s mad because he’s been watching TV and he thinks it’s not raining.


– Are we sure that’s what he was mad about, Kevin? You sure didn’t have something to do with this?

– How’s your day going, Cash?

– I’m good.

DARYL MOTTE: That’s Kevin Harvick with Clint Bowyer’s son, Cash, on the grid walk before the race. That’s not even your kid, man. That’s sure to ruffle some feathers at home.

– I’m telling him all the secrets right now.

DARYL MOTTE: All jokes aside, the public scolding seemed to pay off. DeLana Harvick informed everyone on Twitter, co-incidentally, his behavior has improved. Kevin Harvick went on to win the race and had a nice surprise, with this family joining him in victory lane to celebrate.

– Oh by the way, your wife just flew in. You didn’t even know they were here with Keelan.

– They came a little bit late. Keelan was mad earlier that he didn’t get to come.

DARYL MOTTE: Keelan was all smiles as he put the winner’s sticker on Kevin’s car. And if that wasn’t cool enough, he also got to take home his own mini trophy, just like dad’s. Well, it looks like my minute’s up.