May 13, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

AUSTIN DILLON: (VOICEOVER) To win the Daytona 500, it’s a dream. There’s so many ties to the history of this sport in this win. Can’t wait to see this. This is going to be cool. Roll the tape.

This is the last lap of the Daytona 500. Feeling pretty good about the position we’re in. Anytime you are in the race on the last lap, you have accomplished something, especially the 500. 11 car kind of goes up the track here to side-draft me. That momentum from the 43 gives me a good shove here. This is him getting to the top for the first block. And I’m charting to go low. He comes back left. And that’s when it gets him– just trying to get to the checkered flag– just can’t lift. If I lift, I’m probably getting wrecked out the back, too. I’m in my rear-view right now, kind of in awe that we’re going to have a shot to win the Daytona 500.

ANNOUNCER: The number 3 20 years ago won the Daytona 500. Austin Dillon wins the 60th running of the great American race.

– There’s nothing like that right there.

AUSTIN DILLON: We just win it?

MAN: Yeah, you won it. Yes, sir. It is over. You won. Congratulations.

– That’s what it’s all about. This right here, I did not know I was creating a three in the grass. But it turned out pretty perfect. You hope you do the right thing and have a good show for the fans. And I think this was pretty cool.

It’s the best part– those guys celebrating– his dad celebrating– Craven jumping up on Dad like a kid. It’s just everything you dream of right here, man. The coolest part of that is seeing your boys– guys that put so much time and effort into it– beating on the hood. Oh, that’s cool. Just thankful– thankful for the opportunity to run the 3 car. [CHUCKLING] And this– this is just kind of tradition, man– sliding in the grass– done it since the truck series days, and brought it with me to the cup. And it’s pretty awesome to see all the guys sliding with you.

It’s just a feeling of delivering– delivering something to a lot of people that have just put so much time and effort. [CHUCKLING] Things– that thing is so heavy. That is the heaviest trophy in the world. Old Pop-pop– the love that he’s given me– it feels good to give him something back– one of the trophies of a lifetime. Champagne burns so good. [CHUCKLING]