June 23, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

– I’m just happy The King still has a sense of humor. Because after the race, he’s giving Bubba a hard time about wrecking the race card. And he obviously was teasing.

But we go to the moment he’s referring to. Coming to the line. Battling for second. Bubba and Denny Hamlin. What do you see, David?

– I guarantee you The King would take a second place finish every week with a little bit of tire marks and some wall scrapes. But I think this caught Denny off guard. I think he was comfortable coming to the checkered flag. And this is a young, hungry rookie that wants to get the best finish that he can.

And I think Bubba came down to side draft him a little bit, and it caught Denny off guard. Yeah, maybe a little too aggressive. But every point is a point. And there’s probably a lot of difference in money and purse between second and third.

So I don’t fault Bubba one bit for that. I’d give him a pat on the back if I was his car owner.

– Or his crew chief.

– Or his crew chief.

– Yeah.

– Listen, there’s emotions when there’s plate races. And there’s definitely emotions when it’s a 500. And we saw Denny Hamlin and Bubba have some words in the garage after the race. So we didn’t have– obviously, cameras are everywhere, right? We don’t have a fly on the wall here. But what’s happening here, Drew? What’s going on?

– Well, Bubba– he actually just sent me a picture the other day. He got some new Jordan golf shoes. They might be discussing–


–discussing their Jordans right there, maybe. But what was your blood pressure when you were in the [INAUDIBLE]?

– CO2 level. That’s–

– Yeah.

– –yeah, what your CO2 level is [INAUDIBLE] a race.


– Maybe Bubba was challenging Denny’s handicap on the golf course.

– Maybe.

– That could be a very [INAUDIBLE].

– They shouldn’t do that.

– That is serious. Yeah, that is serious. No wonder Denny was mad.

– But let’s face it. OK, so are the rules on the last lap of the Daytona 500 different than they are on the last lap in other races?

– Maybe a little. I mean, it is the Daytona 500. But if you’re coming for a third and a fourth at Martinsville, it may be one thing. I think there’s probably some other things brewing there. But every position is important. And yes, the Daytona 500 is a little bit more important.