April 16, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

COMMENTATOR 1: Big push coming from Elliott. And Keselowski, contact. Elliot slam into the wall.

COMMENTATOR 2: Are you kidding me?

COMMENTATOR 3: Danica Patrick, Casey Kane.

COMMENTATOR 2: Oh, man. Oh, man.

IN-CAR MIC: You all right?

IN-CAR MIC 2: Yeah. Yeah. I’m good.

COMMENTATOR 3: Took the wind out of Chase Elliot.

COMMENTATOR 4: Yeah. That was–

COMMENTATOR 1: Elliot, Kane, here is–


COMMENTATOR 1: Danica Patrick and Kevin Harvick.

COMMENTATOR 2: Man, Mike, these guys–

COMMENTATOR 3: All this blocking going on.

COMMENTATOR 2: Well, it’s at the end of these stages. And everybody, I mean, it’s like, all of a sudden everybody says, I want to win a stage.

COMMENTATOR 1: And Keselowski, the pre-race favorite, has the right front torn off of his car, as does David Ragan. Chase Elliott climbs out.

COMMENTATOR 3: Ryan put a pretty big block. But as they got down to turn three, I look more at the momentum the nine had and the two had, and that last move as Chase Elliot sees that two is going to go to the inside of him. And that, to me, is– is what got him turned around. Hard to see from that angle.

COMMENTATOR 2: I just think Keselowski went up there and he got that good push– he got the push from this, I think, the 78 was behind him. He dives down– he’s going to. And Chase sees him and tries to block him.

COMMENTATOR 3: Yeah. The two starts to make a move. The nine reacts. They make contact.

COMMENTATOR 2: It’s on from there.

COMMENTATOR 3: It’s both of them. [INAUDIBLE]

COMMENTATOR 1: I know where that lucky horseshoe is that Kevin Harvick used to have. It’s riding in Trevor Bayne’s fire suit. He narrowly misses another one. Here are the cars that were involved.