January 16, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

– Under caution at Daytona. Grant Enfinger got a little sideways. And Jennifer Jo Cobb took the biggest hit. It could have collected many, but Cobb certainly took the biggest hit of the bunch. You see her, she is climbing out with a little bit of assistance. We did hear her communicate on the radio to her team.

– She said on the radio, Vince, that she is OK, but she just couldn’t stop. So it’s nice to hear her clearly tell the team what was going on.

– Inside of the 51 truck, Spencer Davis. Dalton Sargeant, that 25 right behind him.

– He just wanders up off the bottom and looks like just tries to turn back to the bottom, Phil.

– Just got loose. Just simply got loose.

– And watch the driving, some of these racers do to get through it. How about Parker Kligerman. He got hit by the 20 of Lagasse. There is that hard contact to safer barrier for Jennifer Jo Cobb.

– It’s amazing that Coughlin and Sergeant both avoided significant damage. Coughlin you see there spinning, and that was Sergeant right behind him. And what a big hit for Jennifer Jo Cobb.

– Thank goodness for the safer barrier.

– Ah, you’re right, Phil. We both hit that wall down there when it wasn’t protected.

– Let’s go on board with Cody Coughlin. Enfinger is just up ahead on the left.

– Stay up here. Keep coming, keep coming, keep coming, keep coming. Lock it down, lock it down. Lock it down. Keep it locked down. Now release the brake. Release the brake, OK? Keep it locked down, keep it locked down, keep it locked down. Nice, didn’t hit a thing, Jerry. Fire it back up and get turned around.

– Come on, Jerry. Give me some tires. I want to go again.

– Well, it’s nice to have a voice like Jerry Gook in your ear that knows what is going on here.

– It’s also nice, Phil, to spin at 190 miles an hour off turn four, and–

[UNISON] Not hit anything.

– Watch this two truck. Right there, sideways. A little bit of contact with the 98.

– Dalton Sargeant.

– Or is that Sargeant in the 25?

– That’s Sargeant, 25. Yeah.

– It’s amazing Sargeant didn’t do more damage either. There he goes through the Monster Energy logo on the top of it.