November 26, 2020

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

MIKE JOY: Green flag in overtime. And best friends Blaney and Wallace are nose to tail for the lead.

DARRELL WALTRIP: Ha ha! Who would ever thought that?

MIKE JOY: Blaney and Wallace?

JEFF GORDON: We’re about to find out how good of friends they really are.

DARRELL WALTRIP: Oh, baby. Oh, Bubba! Kind of pushed up the hill a little bit right there. Almost got into the 22.

MIKE JOY: And Blaney goes up to cover his teammate Logano.

JEFF GORDON: Yeah, that’s– Blaney now has to keep his eye on his mirror and just work each lane. His spotter’s going to be talking to him, telling him where the push is coming. See Stenhouse get to the outside of Suarez, going to make it three wide.

MIKE JOY: There’s a lot of bump drafting in the back stretch.

DARRELL WALTRIP: Where’s the 17 at? He’s back in here.

MIKE JOY: Oh, three wide

DARRELL WALTRIP: Yeah, here you go.

MIKE JOY: All right. The white flag waves. One lap to go, sponsored by Credit One Bank. Ryan Blaney with a second place finish at Daytona. Looking for his first–

JEFF GORDON: Joey’s got no help.

MIKE JOY: –Speed week.

JEFF GORDON: The 41 of Busch just got his left rear.

DARRELL WALTRIP: I think Bubba’s going to take the lead going down. And this is going to be very interesting.

JEFF GORDON: Well, Bubba’s is going to need a little bit of help. If the 41 can get it up and get past the 22, which I just don’t think he’s going– they’re going to be side by side. But here comes Stenhouse on the outside.

MIKE JOY: Of course.

DARRELL WALTRIP: They finally went to the outside. Been on the bottom all night. He said, let me try the outside a while.

MIKE JOY: Here they come off turn number four. It’s the Best Friends 150– Blaney and Bubba.


MIKE JOY: Logano trying to spoil it.


MIKE JOY: Ryan Blaney for Team Penske!

JEFF GORDON: Oh, Logano got there!

DARRELL WALTRIP: Logano got him! Oh, he got him at the line.

REPORTER: 24-year-old Ryan Blaney with a brand new team. And Team Penske gets that first victory. Everybody’s talking about you and your BFF– as we say– Bubba. He said you’re welcome for the push to you. How much fun was that batting? I think you guys even talked about it in the press conference this week.

– Yeah. Yeah. Well, first of all, I gotta thank everybody back here. And that was a little weird. There’s no water being sprayed. It was very, you know, kind of unenthusiastic.

But, yeah, I saw he was third, and I figured he’d give me a good push. And he did. He did a great job, all race I saw him. And he did a great job. But I can’t thank everybody from Menard’s and Peak enough for giving me a really fast race car. I thought our cars in the Clash and tonight have been really, really good. So, awesome that we have amazing speed. Hopefully, we can bring it home on Sunday.

– And John Menard in Victory Lane. How much confidence does this give you, though? I mean, it’s you and your crew chief. You’re still together. But a new team, looking forward to Sunday.

– Well, it’s nice to get the, you know, the year started off well. You know, obviously, it’s not the 500, and you never know what can happen on Sunday. But, you know, we came close in the Clash, and I didn’t make a good move and kind of lost that race. And I felt like I learned a little bit, and I thought about that forever. And I thought we learned a little bit from our mistakes.

But it’s so nice, you know, bringing the 12 car back and getting it to Victory Lane. Hopefully, we can make it, you know, another one here on Sunday. That’d be the one that counts.