April 16, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

– 11 complete.

Chase Elliott pushing the issue with Eric Jones.

– Oh he’s got a spin off.

– Jones around.

– Just like we saw him doing one with Stenhouse.

– Yep. Same thing.

– Matt DiBenedetto, the 32. Patrick shoots by. Kyle Larson is in it.

– I think Larson, minimum damage. Oh no, his left front is tore up.

– You know, any time there’s a rule change, Mike, Jeff, there are unintended consequences. And these cars get loose when somebody gets alongside of them like that is an unintended consequence.

– We saw Chase Elliott. He started to push the issue. He saw an opening and he started to go for it. But then he backed out. And as he backed out and they came off the corner and it flattened out, it just spun. The 20 of Eric Jones. Here you can see Chase Elliott side drafting the 78. He goes for a move and then he says, no I’m not quite ready to make that move. But he stays right there on that crucial part of the quarter panel. And that air, as it was packing up on that left rear, as Eric Jones came off the banking, spun him right around.

– I don’t think that Jones ever hit anything.

– You could see Jones gets a little loose right there.

– You saw that right front tire smoke a little bit.

– And a tough break for the 32. DiBenedetto go fast racing, one of the sport’s smaller teams, caught up in that one.

– Danika did a great job making it through.