March 4, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

COMMENTATOR 1: On the outside, and he has got help from the 20 car.

COMMENTATOR 2: This might actually help Chase Elliott.

ANNOUNCER: You have to help. That’s it. Keep it coming. Keep it coming. Still one inside–

COMMENTATOR 1: White flag in the air. One lap to go. Sponsored by Credit One Bank.

COMMENTATOR 2: Big push coming to the four from his teammate Clint Boyer.

COMMENTATOR 1: Got to have a place to go with it. Got to have a place to go with that run.

COMMENTATOR 2: Oh, didn’t quite have enough. He got to the rear bumper of the nine of Chase Elliott. But not quite enough.

COMMENTATOR 1: I think everybody is holding on for dear life right here.

COMMENTATOR 2: I think they are going to have one more good shot at Chase Elliott.

COMMENTATOR 1: They got to get there, and they just don’t seem to be able to get right up there close enough at this point.

COMMENTATOR 2: I think Chase stays right where he is. Force them to go around you.

COMMENTATOR 1: Short wait around.

ANNOUNCER: You’re going to get a run. Block here.

COMMENTATOR 1: Chase Elliott’s spotter.

ANNOUNCER: Behind you. Pushing him hard.

COMMENTATOR 1: Out of turn four, Elliott rules at Daytona. Chase Elliott covers the bottom and beats Kevin Harvick by a car length.

COMMENTATOR 2: How about Eric Jones sneaking in there and getting third.

WOMAN REPORTER: The first time the Camaro ZL1 goes into victory lane. Mr. Rick Hendrick on the radio said you are the drafting man. And Chase, before you got in your car, you and your crew chief talked about the decision to set this car up to race, not go for the pole. What kind of a difference did that make for you from handling?

CHASE ELLIOTT: Yeah, our Napa Camaro ZL1 was really fast tonight. Just a big thanks to everybody at HMS, the Hendrick [INAUDIBLE] Department. Engine shop does a great job. And brought a lot of steam tonight. So really proud of Alan and our entire group. Appreciate all our partners, Hooters, Kelley Blue Book, Mountain Dew, Sun Energy, Valvoline, and of course, Chevrolet, like I said.

So we’re excited to get to Sunday. We did this last year. So we got the big win to go on Sunday. That is the main thing.

WOMAN REPORTER: You led quite a bit. You had a lot of time to think about things. But how much are you thinking about, OK, I could pull up. Now I need to stay back. I need to keep them close so they can’t break away and get passed?

CHASE ELLIOTT: Yeah, to be honest with you, I was kind of trying a bunch of stuff. I didn’t really know what to do. This new package is a little different. And the way these cars draft, I think, is a little strange compared to what we’ve seen in the past.

So I don’t 100% know that anybody has that figured out. I think that we are all trying to learn and see how, you know, what the best position is to be in, and when you want to be there. So we will go to work on Sunday and try to go get them then.