April 11, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

– Caution is out in Daytona and Jimmie Johnson is out of the Can-Am Duel. Let’s take a look at what happens. You’ll see Johnson dropped down out of the single file line. That’s Aric Almirola climbing out. Here he is on the right side of the screen. See what happens here.

– Jimmie drops out of line after they come through the trial. When he realizes he has a problem. It looks like the car got pretty loose right there. As he moves down I believe he blows a left rear tire, sends him into Aric Almirola. Daniel Suarez has to avoid him, spins to the infield. I think other than some tires Daniel might be OK, heavy damage to the 48 of Jimmie Johnson.

– Let’s turn up our Fox Visor Cam and show you what Daniel Suarez saw.

– (ON RADIO) [INAUDIBLE] Have back to the 43.


– A great, great job, great instincts to be able to turn to left. He saw, out of the corner of his eye, Jimmy Johnson having a problem, and turning back in to the field, avoided him.

– Aric Almirola, from his rear bumper.

– (ON RADIO) [INAUDIBLE] Backing out, backing out.

– Absolutely nothing that Aric Almirola can do any different to avoid that.

– And we’ll ride along with the seven time champion of this series, Jimmie Johnson. He gets a little loose right there, he checks up–


Oh, you can hear it pop.

– I heard that pop.

– Just heard it pop.

– He felt it. He felt it, backed off, got down low, but when it popped it just went left. Or right, I’m sorry.

– I don’t know if he ran something over, but these cars are down, sparking a lot. These are the highest speeds they’ve seen in any kind of conditions. I just wonder if maybe there is a rub on that left rear fender.

– Here’s Jimmie Johnson’s radio.

JIMMIE JOHNSON (ON RADIO): I didn’t feel any tire rub or anything. I’m really perplexed.

CREW (ON RADIO): Right. Well, guess I’ll get the backup on. All right bud. Thanks, man.