April 11, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

ANNOUNCER: Here we go, ready to drop the gate.


ANNOUNCER: Great start for Martin on the 26. He’s going to get the whole shot. Chisholm, Savatgy, all in the front group.

ANNOUNCER: Cianciarulo was on the inside of the tuff blocks in the first turn. He’s buried in the pack.

ANNOUNCER: But good start for our top three. Meanwhile, here’s Martin out front and leading this thing. McElrath, by the way, all the way back and 19th right after the gate drop, he’s now up to 14th.

ANNOUNCER: He’s got a little company. Craig has been quick all day long.

ANNOUNCER: He’s coming inside. Christian Craig with a good move! Just can’t get there in that turn. Martin was 21st at the season opener then missed the next three rounds with a hairline fracture to his collarbone. Back and leading here in Oakland. But a big handful of throttle for Craig, and we’ve got a new leader. But look at Plessinger, through the whoops. So quick through there. Don’t forget, he is battling a sickness, not quite the flu, but said his chest feeling very heavy. But he gets around Savatgy and takes over third. We got a battle brewing here as Plessinger gets around Martin to takeover second. How far can Aaron Plessinger go? He’s just inside of 2.5 seconds by Craig. Can he run him down with inside of 8 minutes and a lap to go? Plessinger supposedly not feeling too good, but he’s racing great.


ANNOUNCER: Craig is off and down! Into the top blocks, and Plessinger leads in Oakland.

ANNOUNCER: Wow. Unreal for Plessinger to come through the pack like that after being outside the top five, but watch what happens, the whoops, or rhythm section, has been the story. That’s a big time off right there. Countdown clock, look at it.

ANNOUNCER: No! They’re going to have to go two more laps! That is a huge mistake for Plessinger.

ANNOUNCER: Well, not a mistake, but it’s not what he needed!

ANNOUNCER: No, it’s not what he needed.

ANNOUNCER: He needed one lap.

ANNOUNCER: You’re right. It’s a costly situation, how’s that?

ANNOUNCER: Could that be what Savatgy and Hill need to catch your leader?

ANNOUNCER: Well, Savatgy is so fast on that last lap. Cianciarulo actually ran the quickest and then it was Savatgy and Hill. There it goes! Savatgy and Hill cut back inside! And these two get to battling. That could help out Plessinger.

ANNOUNCER: It definitely does.

ANNOUNCER: Savatgy gets back inside.

ANNOUNCER: Because they’re going to miss the triple big time. Oh, that is just what Plessinger needed.

ANNOUNCER: Yes, that is going to be the huge break for Aaron Plessinger.

ANNOUNCER: No mistakes for Plessinger, and he’s got this.

ANNOUNCER: Working the final lap.

ANNOUNCER: Oh, Savatgy makes a mistake!

ANNOUNCER: Here comes Plessinger! Savatgy gets inside. A huge break for Joey. Can Hill counter? Not yet. Meanwhile, working his way to the checkered flag is Aaron Plessinger! Checkered flag waves! Plessinger, his fifth career win, third of 2018. And Savatgy will get second. Hill will get third. And a great battle for the podium positions here tonight.

ANNOUNCER: How did you pull it together and fight through this to get the win?

AARON PLESSINGER: I’m not sure. I got off to a great start, and the Dunlop tires were hooking up great off the jump. The Star Racing bike was working awesome. I’ve been sick since Thursday. I thought I had the flu, but you know, just had to work through it. It was probably the hardest race I’ve ever done in my life, but you know, the guys told me never quit, and I’ve been really working on that this year.