June 23, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

ANNOUNCER: Martin Truex, Jr. heads to the checkered flag. He lead all 100 laps, picking up his first for victory in the NASCAR Busch North Series.

– I can’t believe it. This is awesome.

REPORTER: Oh, a few tears shed down here a victory lane.

– I do think back a lot, even before the championship season this past year. I always thought a lot about my past and what it meant to me and how special it was and how lucky I was to get the opportunities I did coming up through the ranks. You know, it’s kind of a good reminder, I think, to look back and remember where you came from and who you are. I do remember that like it was yesterday.

ANNOUNCER: MTJ is on his way.

ANNOUNCER: Martin Truex, Jr. is a champion.

– My god! Holy [BLEEP]!

MAN: Yeah! You are the champion, baby. Woo!

ANNOUNCER: [INAUDIBLE]. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

ANNOUNCER: What a season, a storybook ending for Martin Truex.

– And it’s time to celebrate. Woo!

The camaraderie we have on our team, no matter what happened throughout the season, we were always there for each other. We always had each other’s back.

ANNOUNCER: This team is racing with heavy hearts today.

– The approach of nobody expects more out of me than me, so that kind of kept me focused on what I was doing and knew I could get it done.

– [INAUDIBLE]. You won it, baby!

MAN: Oh, yeah, man, you know what sound that is? Best sound of your life.

– It’s been such a fun journey working with Cole building this team. I pretty much credit him for, you know, resurrecting my career back in 2015 when we got together.

I’m going to need some help with this thing. Grab this sucker.


And to be able to lift that cup up together was kind of symbolic of all that.

When I was in the car was the hardest part, I mean, I literally went from seeing the checkered flag and just being like just a complete mess– I mean, I could barely even talk. I didn’t know what to say. I was crying. I mean, it was just– I’ve never had that range of emotions or something just snap that quick inside, where you just broke down.

[INAUDIBLE]. You guys are awesome. Thank you.

I’ve never felt anything like that. And then victory lane, I mean, it’s all just kind of a blur.

I can’t believe it.

20 or 30 minutes into victory lane, and it’s like, oh, yeah, we won the race too.


– We won the race too? My god!

There’s just been a lot of lessons along the way. You’re only as good as the people you’re surrounded by. That goes from friends, family, crew, to everybody in your life.

Never give up baby.

Going back to when I was 19, it was really similar then as it was in 2017 winning that race in Homestead. You’ve accomplish the biggest thing in your life at that time, those two are almost identical, just on a different stage. It’s still hard to believe.