May 13, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

– So we’re here at Joe Gibbs Racing for this entire show. And so much success last season. They had eight wins. Kyle Busch, of course, getting five of those victories. But if you look at his season, really one of the most impressive weekends was all the way back in August at Bristol.

– You’ve got to earn this, baby.

– In your face.

– Drove with perfection tonight. He won all three stages.

– That was an awesome machine and an awesome drive.

– Kyle Busch will go to victory lane.

– 91 wins on NASCAR’s junior circuit.

– Break out the broom again. Kyle Busch will sweep all three races here under the lights.

– What a cool weekend that was. Let’s hear from the guy who made that sweep possible. Alan Cavanna is with Kyle Busch.

– Shannon, Kyle Busch came within one position of a title in 2017. Do you dwell on that? Do you have to get over that? What’s that like in the off season?

– You definitely got to get over it. You can’t dwell on it too much. I never even went back and watched the race. So I just kind of closed the season and forgot about the rest of– of that year. And looking forward to ’18.

– Certainly focused on 2018. You’ve done a lot of winning in this sport. Do you still feel like you have something to prove though?

– Yeah, a little bit. Each and every year, I feel like you’ve got something to prove. You know, you can’t just rest on your laurels or rest on what you’ve done or what you’ve accomplished. You’ve got to be able to go out there and do the best you can each and every year. And there’s a lot of reasons to win races, of course. That’s the most fun thing in racing is to win. But of course too, you know, there’s a lot of records at stake and things like that, that you still kind of look forward to and try to beat.

– At your level, I mean, the goal– the bar is the title. Does it ever weigh on yourself?

– I mean, at least finally being able to get one in 2015. It was 12 years of trying whatever, of being able to get to the championship. And to win one obviously means the world and the accomplishment of what that is and what you are in this sport, it kind of signifies being a veteran or a champion in NASCAR. And it’s something different than just being here and racing for the amount of years that I have. So, wanting to be able to get another one that’s– that’s the goal and of course wanting to add to more than just two or three or four. We can see how many we can get.

– And finally, you can improve the cars, you can improve the engines, how do you improve the driver?

– Good question. I don’t know. I need to eat better, I guess. I’ve been working out plenty, that’s for sure. I’m sore all over, all the time. But being able to do the best you can do behind the wheel. And that’s giving it everything you got. And as you get older, you’ve got to probably work out more and do things to keep yourself in physically fit shape, in order to be able to handle these longer races and these long, grueling seasons.

– Well have fun this year. The eye on the prize, title number two for Kyle Busch.