June 24, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

COMMENTATOR: The 250 West Championship. We’ll kick it off with the first of their three main events. Everybody hunkering down over their tanks, getting ready to go, grabbing the gears. Drop the gate! Coming right at you, Savatgy, there’s Cianciarulo on the 92. And Craig on the 32, trying to get inside on the Honda. But he’s going to have to tuck in behind Savatgy . Napo, out this year.


COMMENTATOR: Winner at A1. Fourth in Houston. Down he goes.

COMMENTATOR: So let’s watch it it right here. He’s– is an aggressive move. He’s got to make sure he makes it stick. But it just– oh, he– when he crossed the main line, the rut, the front tire jumped just a little bit.

COMMENTATOR: Yeah, he’s down to fifth right now, as we watch Savatgy making his way on what should be his final lap.

COMMENTATOR: Well, there’s McElrath, he’s stalking Cianciarulo Trying to pick up position. Cianciarulo looks to his left right here.

COMMENTATOR: That’s a battle for fourth.

COMMENTATOR: The inside in that turn, after the triple, before that first set of whoops, is a great passing spot.

COMMENTATOR: Elevated corner over there, and well, it’d be right field, if the Angels were playing baseball here tonight.

COMMENTATOR: This is a big win for Savatgy. This is a massive confidence booster.

COMMENTATOR: It’s huge. And here it comes. Checkered flag awaits, and he wins the first main event and the first ever Triple Crown. Savatgy, Craig, Adam Cianciarulo just beats McElrath to the line. Ready to drop the gate again. Savatgy looking for another good start. How about section around the outside on the 40. He didn’t have a great finish in race number one, but he’s got a tremendous start in race number two.

COMMENTATOR: Well, in your points leader, Plessinger, is about, I’m going to say he’s about eighth.

COMMENTATOR: McElrath, quickly into the lead. That was Savatgy spinning around on the 17.

COMMENTATOR: His lead 2.9 seconds. We’ll keep an eye on that. And there’s second. That’s Savatgy. And then Craig. Here’s Plessinger. And then flying right behind him is Cianciarulo. And here’s your race leader, McElrath. 11 starts here in Anaheim. Two wins, four podiums. Taking victories in 2017, 2018, and again in 2018 in race number two of the Triple Crown. Savatgy on the inside. Sexton around the outside. It’s the 40. But for how long?

COMMENTATOR: Oh, and Savatgy going to get stood up.

COMMENTATOR: Oh, Chisholm’s right there on the 11.

COMMENTATOR: Great start out of Kyle Chisholm also on the Yamaha.

COMMENTATOR: Very strong start, for sure. And he’s going to get the advantage on the inside. Craig is coming along as well on the 32. And that’s Melross again back there on the 63. Jeff, he’s been flying tonight, as well.

COMMENTATOR: And Savatgy closing the gap, isn’t he? Savatgy with four career wins. Last one, the 250 East Season Opener a year ago, in Minneapolis. Sexton, Savatgy, Cianciarulo. The fight for the win! And Savatgy’s got them! Here comes Cianciarulo! Sexton trying to answer back.

COMMENTATOR: Wow, Sexton was hard on the brakes on that Honda. Saw the rear tire come up, and now he’s got company.

COMMENTATOR: There goes Adam. Side by side, bar to bar over the big jump. Cianciarulo takes him up to the tough blocks.

COMMENTATOR: Well, and that’s–

COMMENTATOR: In the Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s run one and two.

COMMENTATOR: He’s right there. And McElrath is fired up. Let’s see if he can close it up here at the end.

COMMENTATOR: Here comes Cianciarulo, trying to steal one away from his teammate! Adam cuts back inside. Can’t get there. Checkered flag! Savatgy takes the win! He’s going to grab the overall with a pair of wins, and a second place in race number two. A spectacular night for Joey Savatgy at the opening round of the Triple Crown.

JOEY SAVATGY: You’ve just got to– you got to keep believing. and, you know, like I was telling you, I’d be lying if I said it’s been a long– it’s been a long May till now. You know, the way– the way Vegas ended, it wasn’t– it wasn’t ideal. But, you know, it only made us a better person. And it keeps me very thankful and I love what I do. And, man, I’ll tell you what, it’s– like I told you, it’s been a long time since I’ve been up here and actually been genuinely happy and excited. And I can’t– I don’t even know what to say right now. My Monster Energy, Pro Circuit, Kawasaki, Dunlop Tires, we’re off to a great start. FP Fuels. Fox. Scott Goggles. Bell Helmets. ION Specialized.

My– my fiance actually came out to this one, as well. She wasn’t going to. So maybe she’s– maybe she’s my good luck charm, because two weekends in a row we’ve been on the box. So all in all, you know, Ricki and Jeanie, we’ve been working hard at the farm. And we’re never satisfied. And, you know, we leave here tonight on top, but there’s things to things to fix and things to get better at, but you know, like I said, I just– it’s– I can’t explain it. I’m just very happy.