June 21, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

COMMENTATOR: Here comes a historic gate drop. The first 450 race in the Triple Crown format is underway. Seeley and Brayton right out front, and it’s the number 10 of Justin Brayton jumping out to the early lead. And Jeff, he’s been fast all day. He has. He has been fantastic. He– Oh! And Seeley goes bye.

COMMENTATOR: Oh, no! Big pile up here. Broc Tickle on the 20 is involved. So is Malcolm Stewart on the 27. If you’re wondering where some of the big names are, well, Tomac is back in sixth. Roczen is eight. Musquin is 11th. Anderson now up to 12. And we are closing in on the six minute mark, plus one lap.

COMMENTATOR: Look at the lap times. The quickest lap so far is Seeley, out front with a 49.8. Nobody else has been in the 49 second range.

COMMENTATOR: Here comes Anderson on the right!


COMMENTATOR: He goes way off!

COMMENTATOR: And still makes the pass.

COMMENTATOR: Still makes the pass. He was riders left as he came flying over the finish line jump, almost into the top blocks. He said, do you know I really feel like a seasoned veteran now. I really worked through a lot of the things that I needed to get through to be in a position where I could contend. And he’s there. And he’s showing it. Cole Seeley, he’s got it figured out from Houston a week ago. He takes the win in their first ever race as a part of the Triple Crown. And Tomac comes across the finish line jump in fifth. Seeley is buried in the pack here. And it’s the 55 of Vince Friese who gets get the hole shot. Here is Tomac, right there in that green Kawasaki. And The number three is in second. And boy, he’s feeling it here tonight. He looks awful racy. Tomac–


COMMENTATOR: –to the front! Down goes Friese! Friese loses it. Tomac goes by. Brayton’s right there. Seely’s already slicing through the crowd. And the 14 is a ripping through the whoops.

COMMENTATOR: Well, look at Chad Reed, the 22, running seventh right now. This is the best start that he’s had. It looks like he’s got to give up that one position. Hope– oh! And Webb sneaks right by.

COMMENTATOR: Oh! And down just in front of them. I’m trying to figure out who that would be.

COMMENTATOR: That was Baggett.

COMMENTATOR: Baggett, that’s what I thought, on the 4.


COMMENTATOR: Oh, that’s cooking Reed.

COMMENTATOR: Oh, not the side! Hang on, Barcia! Justin Barcia back on track, right behind Reed, and this is going to get good.


COMMENTATOR: Here he comes, right up into Reed, and bam-bam, back in business.

COMMENTATOR: Take some different lines and see if there’s something that can give him that advantage. Because he doesn’t need much. Oh, he makes a little mistake.

COMMENTATOR: Oh. Yes, he did.

COMMENTATOR: The whole crowd here at Angel Stadium was totally in tune with what was happening with our two leaders. Just a big gasp– gasping from the fans. Tomac really has put on a strong ride so far in this race. It’s going to be a massive confidence booster. And then he’s going to know. The team’s going to know. The competition’s going to know that Eli Tomac is back, and he’s healthy. And he’s the one rider that you worry about going on a massive winning streak. After what he did last year with nine wins, he could do it again this year.

COMMENTATOR: No doubt about it. And, look, yes, he’s in a big hole points-wise. But the championship is not over. And Eli Tomac just makes a huge statement, as he comes back and wins race number two of the Triple Crown here in Anaheim.

The final main event of the night! Tomac rockets out of the gate. He gets a great start in the hole shot for the number three. Anderson’s right alongside. Brayton just behind.

COMMENTATOR: And Cole Seeley did not get out of the gate good. He is buried mid-pack. But he does have a longer main event here to try to make something happen to win this Triple Crown. He’s really aggressive, got his crouch on. Here he goes to the inside.

COMMENTATOR: Oh, Anderson! Gets him off the footpegs, takes the lead away!

COMMENTATOR: He’s going to close up the event points now. Tomac as they run has eight on that night, and Anderson 11. Marvin Musquin has called it a night on the 25. Jeff, he was one of those riders, came into this season looking to be a championship contender. And wins the opening round here. He suffers an injury in Houston. And we were hoping maybe he’d be able to get some good points here tonight. Not happening. Jason Anderson, looking for another win. It’d be win number two on the 2018 season.

COMMENTATOR: Well, main event win, as they run right now, Jason Anderson and your event points would just be inside the podium with a third. But a big confidence booster by winning this main event.

COMMENTATOR: And here he comes. Anderson looking for the win. He’s got it. He’ll take the win in race number three, but the overall here tonight is going to go to Eli Tomac. What a big bounce back for Eli Tomac. He will take the first round of the Triple Crown.

COMMENTATOR: There it is.

COMMENTATOR: You know, it’s it’s pretty unbelievable what a week will do. When you have a– basically a smashed muscle, you know, it just takes time to recover. It’s just the way the human body works. And all I know is we got it better. And, you know, it was just all about getting to the show tonight and then just putting three consistent motos in, and you know, and– I wasn’t expecting this at all. So, wow. That’s all I can say.