May 13, 2021

by a NASCAR fanatic - not affiliated with NASCAR

BOWYER: It’s pretty damn packed out today. Yeah.

KNAUS: Awesome to hear this place is sold out once again.

PENSKE: BK, just a good steady day here. Stay out of trouble, work your way up, and we’ll have a good finish.

HARVICK: I didn’t realize I had to start behind the two that I’m starting behind.

FEDEWA: #21 is going to take the top.

HARVICK: That’s not very smart.

HELDESKY: Green flag, green flag, green flag.

HUGHES: Still inside. 3-wide, 4-wide. That #21 has been struggling here. You’ll be able to get him pretty quick.

BLANEY: It’s so bad up the hill.

KNAUS: #24 just took the lead.

D’HONOT: Good work, nice and smooth now.

HIRSCHMAN: Denny’s trying to do the big diamond three, four.

GRIFFIN: I don’t think it’s over yet.

LAMBERT: Let it go, you’re better. Drive around him.

GUSTAFSON: Stay with it. Nice and smooth.

LAMBERT: Great work, man. Two on entry.

KESELOWSKI: What groove are the leaders running in, three or four?

MEIER: The bottom still.

KESELOWSKI: On the bottom is not very good information, need more than that.

GRIFFIN: Kyle Larson to the lead.

KNEELAND: Green-white checkered, really nice job there.

KNAUS: All these other guys have moved up the track. Why haven’t you moved up any?

JOHNSON: I moved up and slowed down two-tenths. So, I came back down.

KNAUS: Well we’ve got to get to work here.

JOHNSON: 10-4 your radio sounds really bad all of a sudden.

KNAUS: So then I’ll just take it off. [BLEEP] it.

ANNOUNCER: Stage two is underway.

TREUX JR: [BLEEP] awful. So much faster than him.

BUSCH: I’ve got no brakes Pedal is basically bouncing off the floor. It’s not slowing down. It’s just chattering like a [BLEEP].

LARSON: I’m blowing up. Blowing up.

JOHNSON: Awesome.

KNAUS: Leader’s running up top.

JOHNSON: How far up top?

KNAUS: The [BLEEP] top. Way up top. Earl?

ANNOUNCER: JImmy Johnson in the outside wall.

BARBAN: We’re in the fence, fellas.

JOHNSON: Ow, blew a tire.

ANNOUNCER: : Their chances for a eighth championship going up in smoke. Chase Elliot closing in though. He got by Eric Jones. Chase up to fourth.

D’HONOT: All clear. We’re coming to the party, boys.

ANNOUNCER: [INAUDIBLE] turn number three.

MEIER: Got a wreck over in three. Big wreck. Caution’s out.

PEARN: How about that fire in the safer barrier there?

TREUX JR: Yeah, it’s rather strange, isn’t it?

EARNHARDT JR: It’s so weird. I don’t get it.

KESELOWSKI: I wish I knew what to tell you to be better here, man. I know I’m not giving you a lot.

WOLFE: Don’t have it today. Hang in there and hope something to happen, I guess. I’m not out of it yet. Just hang tight.

BLANEY: I don’t know what they did to that #24 car but holy hell.

BULLINS: Yeah, that’s pretty impressive. I’m not really sure what they did.

LOGANO: Getting pretty big up there. Just saying, the #24 and the #11.

GORDON: Keep your eyes open. There’s bad blood over the whole [INAUDIBLE] there.

MAJORS: Chase has worked his way up.

EARNHARDT JR: Whatever dude. Why the [BLEEP] do I care? Got his own race to figure out. Good luck to him.

WOLFE: #24 is up there, #11. Could get interesting. We just gotta try to stay clean here.

LAMBERT: Green, green, green, #78 pushing you in line. #24 is outside.

HELDESKY: Clear, clear. All the way down. All the way down.

LAMBERT: Right with you. Inside. Inside.

D’HONOT: Tight. All clear. Flip your bead. Fans on. Nice and smooth now.

GRIFFIN: Chase is gonna wreck Denny.

BUGAREWICZ: He definitely hit the wall.

GRIFFIN: Right side. It don’t look bad, but he cut a tire.

LAMBERT: Tire is all good. You got a left rear rubbing it looks like. Not bad. We’re still just racing the #2 who’s four positions back. We’re good.

KESELOWSKI: Oh, he just blew a tire.

MEIER: Caution is out. LAMBERT: Hang on to it. Hang on to it. We lost the right front or something, guys. You okay, Denny?

KESELOWSKI: Oh my goodness. What’s the point situation?

WOLFE: Hold on a minute here. See how bad he is.

LAMBERT: It’s killed.

WHEELER: We’re done.

TRUEX JR: What the hell? Hiw did he hit the wall?

PEARN: #24 passed him and shoved him in the wall and then he got a tire rub and then it blew.

TRUEX JR: Oh, boy.

PEARN: Yeah, karma.

TRUEX JR: Yeah, I’d say. Is he going to be able to keep running?

PEARN: No, he’s done.


HEDLESKY: All right buddy, coming to the green, it’s on you.

MEIER: Nice and smooth. Get to the end, please. Green, green, green. Check, check, check. Slow in front of you. Come on, inside. Breathing room behind you. You all right?

KESELOWSKI: Yeah, just want to make sure they didn’t come back up into me.

ANNOUNCER: As he enters turn three, clearly in front, Chase Elliot, your new leader on turn four.

D’HONOT: All clear, all clear. All right, nice and smooth now.

HEDLESKY: Ten more. Ten more times.

D’HONOT: On you. Hopefully a lane lower. Looking.

HEDLESKY: Still there. Clear, Clear. Drive away.

D’HONOT: Stay with him now. Let’s go. Nine more.

ELLIOT: Getting so damn tight.

D’HONOT: Fighting for our lives here. Stay with it.

MEIER: I’m not saying a word.

KESELOWSKI: I’m trying to manage the temps. I’m way over.

WOLFE: Take care of it then. Just take care of it here. Manage our gas so we don’t go down any laps.

MEIER: The #20 car is leading. You copy?

KESELOWSKI: Thta’s what I’m doing. I’m on the same page, guys. Who’s gonna win?

MEIER: The #20 car is going into three with a ten car length lead.

HEDLESKY: Get that checkered flag. Welcome back, champ.

KENSETH: Yeah, baby. Woo. Thanks guys. You guys are going to see the biggest crybaby you’ve ever seen.

KESELOWSKI: Thanks everybody for hanging in today.

WOLFE: Told you it wasn’t over. A lot can happen. We’ll go have some fun next week.

PENSKE: Paul, great job down there, guys. Hanging in all day.

ELLIOT: That’s all I had, buddy. I’m sorry.

GUSTAFSON: Hey, man, don’t be sorry. You did a great job. Man, that was so freaking awesome, dude. I mean. That’s just storybook. Classic, baby, classic.